The wit and wisdom of Douglas Wilson

There are few cultural commentators who combine classical knowledge, clever insight, and witty observation—but Rev. Douglas Wilson of Moscow, Idaho, manages to do just that.

I came into contact with Wilson’s work a few years ago when he went on a debating tour with the late atheist Christopher Hitchens, after the two co-authored a book together. More recently, he engaged in a public debate with author and blogger Andrew Sullivan on same-sex marriage. I had a lovely conversation with him here on The Bridgehead last year about all sorts of current issues.

But he also runs a blog called Blog and Mahblog (the biblically literate will recognize the pun), where he often comments on the various aspects of the culture wars. (One of those commentaries was featured in my recent LifeSiteNews column.)

For your consideration, Douglas Wilson on “China-doll feminism”:

I have been seeing a lot of lately is what might be called china doll feminism. Feminism began by insisting that women could do everything the men can do, I-am-woman-hear-me-roar stuff, and has ended by weepily entreating all their sob sisters to repair themselves to the fainting couches, where trained counselors in crinoline skirts will cluster around with the smelling salts. A recent lib conference asked the attendees to show their appreciation for the talk through an adroit use of jazz hands because the applause was upsetting to some of the delicate ones present. It must have been some kind of post-traumatic reaction from too much applause at a third-grade assembly.

Then there are the microagressions that make the lives of feminists such a dark, hellish place. There is, for example, the plague of manspreading, which insolent males perpetrate by sitting on subways with their legs apart. For myself, I believe the best response to microagressions should be a good dose of micro-caring.

A university recently had to go through the calamity of allowing a conservative speaker to speak somewhere on campus, and they responded by creating a “safe” zone where people could come to deal with the trauma. The trauma of what you say? Well, the trauma of somebody out there saying things that unsettled them, you know, things that conflicted with what they already thought. That official safe place included trained counselors, videos of puppies, coloring books, and, like Dave Barry, I am not making this up. Somebody out there is saying things that do not comport with the Supremacy of My Feelings. All of this is, of course, just passive aggressive manipulation, and an assault on freedom of speech. Feminists have come full circle and are now the shrinking violets that their great-grandmothers despised.

His writings, as you might imagine, have sufficiently irritated the culture warriors of the other side enough that they actually launched an attack on his website, briefly taking the website down. After discovering what had taken place and getting his website back online, Wilson responded in a hilarious fashion:

It is quite an honor to be thought a worthy enough opponent that they decide to shiver some of their more expensive lances on you. Unhorsed, and with a split helmet, and flat on my back, I was able to notice how blue the sky was.

So . . . at the end of this very exciting week and transfer process, I am now currently ensconced in a gray granite cyber fortress, and it is my purpose here to do a little trash talking from the top of the wall.

His “trash-talking” on feminism, abortion, freedom of speech, and others are well worth your time, and distinguish him as one of the cleverest culture war commentators currently writing.


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