FINALLY, a Christian politician with a backbone

By Jonathon Van Maren

Leaders of every stripe continue to grovel at the feet of the Rainbow Mafia, and the protection racket—nice little state you have there, it’d be a shame if anything happened to it—is being ramped up. This time, North Carolina is being hit by the wildly popular NCAA, who announced sanctimoniously that they were going to pull a number of sports games from the state in order to punish the state for refusing to allow biological males to traipse into the same bathroom used by little girls.This sort of thing, which would have been unthinkable barely five years ago, is now supposed to be so obviously righteous that stupid Christians need to realize that they are living in the Dark Ages and must join everyone else in the sunlit present.

“The A.C.C. Council of Presidents made it clear that the core values of this league are of the utmost importance and the opposition to any form of discrimination is paramount,” Commissioner John Swofford of the Atlantic Coast Conference said solemnly. “Today’s decision is one of principle.”

As NBC gloated in an article titled “Will NCAA, ACC pullout be the final straw for HB2 bathroom law?”

On Wednesday, the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) announced it would be relocating all neutral-site championships for the 2016-17 season from North Carolina over the state’s so-called “bathroom law” — legislation best known for barring transgender people from using government building bathrooms in accordance with their gender identities. The most notable championship the decision will cost the state is the ACC’s football title game, which was scheduled to take place in Charlotte.

I’ll admit, I was a bit worried. LGBT activists have been enormously successful in using corporate pressures to force politicians to back down from legislation they don’t like. After all, Governor Mike Pence of Indiana (Donald Trump’s running mate) responded to such pressure by gutting his own religious liberty law.

But then Lt. Governor Dan Forest responded:

The NCAA’s action sends a message to every female athlete and female fan attending their events that their privacy and security in a bathroom, shower or locker room isn’t worth the price of a ticket to a ballgame.

We have seen the NCAA’s attitude toward women before when they stood by and did nothing during the rapes at Baylor. For years, we’ve seen the NBA turn a blind eye toward women victims of domestic abuse at the hands of their star players.

Why should we be surprised now at the NCAA continuing this pattern of discrimination and degradation of women? The line has now been drawn in the sand, first by Hollywood, now by the NBA and NCAA, either accept their ‘progressive sexual agenda’ or pay the price.

North Carolina will not play that game. We value our women too much to put a price tag on their heads.

Finally, a politician with guts. Instead of immediately ceding the moral high ground and sniveling for an apology and loudly trying to assure everyone that he wasn’t really hateful, Forest articulated precisely what he believed and why he and Governor McCrory will not back down. As it turns out, their courage under fire is already paying dividends:

A new Civitas poll shows an astonishing turnaround for the courageous North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory — a 9-point swing now putting him up two points after being down seven in the last poll.

As the sports-entertainment complex seeks to shame good, loving people in North Carolina who object to permitting transgender biological males to freely invade the privacy of girls in public school showers by dubbing them haters and bigots unworthy of being treated like any other American state, it looks like the overkill may be provoking a swing in McCrory’s favor.

So there you have it, then. It turns out that standing up for what is good and decent can actually end up benefiting politicians.


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