Justin Trudeau is starting to crack

By Jonathon Van Maren

April 26, 2018 (LifeSiteNews.com) – The House of Commons erupted into jeers of ridicule and outrage yesterday when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stood up and uttered a sentence that also triggered disbelief and mockery across social media: “Unlike the Leader of the Opposition, we believe in free speech and advocacy on this side of the House.”

It seems obvious that Trudeau was not considering his words very carefully, considering the fact that his government has inserted an “abortion attestation” into the application requirements for the Canada Summer Jobs Program, demanding that organizations sign off on support for a laundry list of progressive social views in order to access the program. He seemed to realize it as he said it, and Conservative leader Andrew Scheer rose with a smirk.

“Mr. Speaker, this prime minister has signed off on a grant that will go specifically to hire an assistant who will ‘work directly with a provincial organizer and the field organizing team to help our networks stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline,'” he responded. “Does he not realize that he is funding the very groups who are protesting against the project that is in the national interest?”

Trudeau was clearly incensed that the Canada Summer Jobs Program, which has been thoroughly politicized by his government and turned into a way of funneling money to left-wing advocacy groups while shutting out socially conservative ones (pro-life groups are out; Capital Pride got funding for two summer students), was now being used to attack him. And so Trudeau did what he always does: blamed Stephen Harper and doubled down.



2 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau is starting to crack

  1. Darlene Jacques says:

    First and Foremost, Trudeau can’t blame Harper for the stupid ass things that he himself has chosen to do. We Harper back in as Prime Minister so he can repair all the wrongs that Trudeau has done to Canada. We weren’t having all these problems when Harper was Prime Minister. You can’t put a thinks he knows it all dumb ass kid to do a real man’s job. An election can come to soon for me.

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