Jonathon Van Maren on the latest transgender insanities

Jonathon Van Maren details the latest transgender insanities–and explains why we can’t ignore them.


One thought on “Jonathon Van Maren on the latest transgender insanities

  1. Leslie Smith says:

    Great piece Jonathan. I am constantly stunned at the audacity and lunacy of Trans-fascists and how they advocate child abuse (promoting the alteration of a child’s body before they are of the age of minority) and blame everyone else when they are ridiculed when they “out” themselves. Well, if trans people are going to walk a path that very few people walk, then they need to grow up and take the heat instead of crying like babies and forcing others to agree with them. I reject the theory that we have to make policies based on the “feelings” of someone who might be upset by a policy. What scares me more is that our courts are starting down this road. We have all lost our minds.

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