Lois Lowry

Lois Lowry

Lois Lowry is the author of dozens of children’s books, including the award-winning Number the Stars as well as The Giver, which was recently made into a film. She joined Jonathon to discuss her book The Giver, how to create great literature, and how literature can impact culture.

Personalized Pornography

The embarrassing political troubles of the unfortunately but aptly named former Congressman Anthony Weiner has catapulted the term “sexting” into cultural consciousness once again, prompting a sudden discussion on what, exactly, “sexting” is—and whether we should be worried about it. Dr. Keith Ablow, FOX News’ psychiatry expert, weighed in with a column entitled “What Weiner’s sexting scandal…

Ted Byfield

Ted Byfield’s career is as varied as it is impressive. He ran The Alberta Report, The BC Report, and The Western Standard, as well as writing books such as The Book of Ted: Epistles of an Unrepentant Redneck and editing The Christian History Project. He’s often credited with pioneering the Reform Party, and coined the…