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A bridgehead is defined as “a strong position secured by an army inside enemy territory from which to advance or attack.” In today’s culture wars, a bridgehead of truth and common sense is exactly what we need. As Ronald Reagan once said, “When you’re outnumbered and surrounded and someone yells ‘charge,’ any way you’re facing you’ll find a target.”The Bridgehead Radio Program does just that, bringing you cutting edge news, interviews, and insights from the frontlines of the culture wars, and engaging in a sweeping discussion on human rights. Featuring renowned authors, commentators, politicians, intellectuals, historical figures, and more, The Bridgehead talks truth and common sense in a culture where it is badly needed. Featuring conversations with everyone from Peter Hitchens, Mark Steyn, Joel C. Rosenberg, and Gavin McInnes to Rwandan genocide survivor Immaculee Illibagiza, Holocaust survivor and Anne Frank’s step-sister Eva Schloss, and Nazi-hunter Efraim Zuroff, Bridgehead host Jonathon Van Maren takes a hard look at where our culture is and where we need to go.

Jonathon Van Maren is a popular speaker and writer who has been published in The National Post, The Times of Israel, The Jewish Independent, The Hamilton Spectator, LifeSiteNews and elsewhere, and has been quoted and interviewed by many prominent national publications as well as a wide variety of television and radio shows.


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Disability activists are worried that people with Down syndrome will be victims of “rationing” coronavirus treatments

By Jonathon Van Maren

With a shortage of ventilators and other medical necessities, strained global supply chains, and a worldwide pandemic placing our healthcare systems under enormous strain, many healthcare workers are bracing themselves to face impossible decisions.

Triage, a word that sounds jarring outside a wartime context, is increasingly on our lips. Stories of elderly people refusing ventilators or giving them to younger people are surfacing, and tales of Italian doctors being forced to choose who they will allocate resources to are almost too heartbreaking to read. They are enduring trauma that they will live with until they die.

Disability advocates are also fearful that our culture’s increasingly eugenic mindset will lead to discrimination against those deemed by some to be less worthy of life. According to a March 28 report by the Daily Mirror, some of the state guidelines being published in preparation for the coronavirus pandemic indicate that people “with Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy and autism could be left to die,” and disability advocates are “disturbed” by what they are seeing.


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Texas abortion clinics reporting hundreds of cancellations as coronavirus abortion ban upheld in court

By Jonathon Van Maren

As the battle over the pandemic abortion bans ping-pong from the governors’ desks to the circuit courts, it appears that a federal appeals court has ruled that Texas can—at least temporarily—enforce a ban on abortion as part of its response to the coronavirus pandemic. If I am not mistaken, this is the first state-wide abortion ban (albeit one with an expiration date) that has been upheld in the courts since 1973. Planned Parenthood and several abortion rights groups had sued the state, but as of right now, the ban stands (despite similar bans being blocked by judges in Alabama and Ohio on Monday). From The Hill:

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a temporary stay on a ruling from a lower court that had blocked Texas from enforcing the ban. State officials argue the ban is intended to conserve medical supplies for health workers on the front lines of the coronavirus response. But abortion rights advocates say states are using the pandemic as an excuse to block access. In a 2-1 opinion, the appeals court ruled that the order from the lower court be stayed until an appeal from Texas is considered. The two judges who ruled in favor of a stay were nominated to their posts by President Trump and former President George W. Bush.

This ban is already having a real and life-saving impact. According to one media report, the Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas in Austin had already cancelled 261 abortions as of last week, and affiliated abortion clinics have thus far already received 583 calls from people seeking abortions. Because the ban on abortion remains in effect for the time, being, clinic staff “have been forced to call women to let them know their appointments [have] been canceled indefinitely…Other providers in Texas have also reported massive cancellations this week.”

Amy Hagstron-Miller, who runs several abortion clinics, told the media that her staff have already been forced to cancel more than 150 abortion appointments as of last Wednesday. If clinics remain closed for an extended period of time, the revenue losses will start to inflict real damage on the abortion industry, and although some women will rebook their appointments or seek procedures out of state, data indicates that many women will seek life-affirming options instead.

For the abortion clinics, these bans mean lost revenues. For many babies, these bans will mean life itself.

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Canada has declared abortion essential–and that’s why the pro-life movement is urgently needed

By Jonathon Van Maren

With the exception of essential services, Canada has ground to a halt. Streets are largely empty, traffic is light, and major city centres seem like ghost towns for much of the day. Restaurants are dark, grocery stores sparse, and many people seem skittish if they see someone else on the street. It is strange, somehow, that everything appears largely normal—the spring birds certainly seem to notice nothing. We cannot see the virus with the naked eye, but the fact that this invisible pandemic has utterly transformed our society for the time being is obvious to all.

Despite all of this, and despite the fact that we have been willing to shoulder enormous economic sacrifice to preserve the lives of the vulnerable, it appears that nothing can shake our cultural commitment to the destruction of pre-born children in the womb. According to CTV, every Canadian province and territory has deemed abortion an essential service, even as other surgeries are cancelled to make way for the anticipated influx of coronavirus patients in the weeks (and perhaps months) ahead. Abortion services fall under provincial and territorial jurisdiction, but every single province and territory has confirmed that the killing of pre-born children would continue.

Rolanda Ryan, the owner of an abortion clinic in St. John’s, Newfoundland, told CTV that the “people leading us here in the province absolutely see [abortion] as an essential service, because it’s time sensitive and it’s [a] medical [necessity.]” Pregnancy, of course, is not a disease, and thus physically dismantling and removing the developing human being in the womb can only be considered “necessary” in a sick culture that sees children as an affliction rather than a gift. But as I’ve mentioned before, the gruesome but unspoken reason that abortion is “time sensitive” is that, if the children were to be left alone, they would eventually—in nearly all cases—be born alive.

Because these poor babies must be killed before they emerge from the womb in order for the killing to remain legal, all surgeries but abortions are being cancelled. BC has cancelled elective surgeries but will continue providing abortions. Kerry Williamson, a spokesperson for Alberta Health Services, told CTV that abortions would continue because “[t]hey are urgent/emergent.”  Doug Dahl of the Saskatchewan Health Authority stated that “[t]ermination of pregnancy is not considered an elective procedure and will continue to be offered,” but urged people to consider aborting their children with pills to follow social distancing guidelines. Paul Turenne of the Winnipeg Health Authority also confirmed that “abortions…are time-sensitive and are proceeding as planned.”

Ontario confirmed that each hospital will make its own decision, but that abortion clinics would not be closed. Quebec’s health minister stated that “access to abortion is maintained for any woman who requests it.” Nova Scotia’s clinics will remain open, and New Brunswick said that abortion, along with “traumas and cancer care, will continue.” PEI stated that “[a]bortions are considered an essential service and have not been affected.” Yukon has suspended all “non-urgent procedures,” but will continue to provide abortions. The Northwest Territories stated that they “consider [abortion] an essential service.” Nunavut has said the same. Nothing, not even a pandemic that threatens to strain our healthcare system to the breaking point, can put cracks in our commitment to the killing of the pre-born.

In fact, as healthcare professionals warn that we may soon run out of essential medical supplies, some are concerned that we might run out of something designed to take lives rather than to save them: Abortion pills. According to CTV: “Canada is experiencing a shortage of the drug used for medical abortions amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The drug, sold in Canada under the name Mifegymiso, first registered as experiencing a shortage on Feb. 6. The shortage was attributed to a delay in the shipping of the drug and was expected to be resolved by mid-February. However, the drug remains on backorder…and isn’t expected to reappear on store shelves that have run through their existing stock until next week…Because Mifegymiso is manufactured in Europe, which has been hit hard by the COVID-19 outbreak, the current shipment was stuck in Montreal as extra measures were put in place to ensure the safety of those dealing with the packages.”

In fact, according to Frédérique Chabot, the director of health promotion at Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights, the demand for abortion pills will likely increase as the pandemic continues, but she noted that “at this point, everything is being rearranged to ensure that abortion is being treated as an essential service…it would have an impact, if there was a shortage, because it is recommended that a lot of abortion clinics move many of their appointments to do medical abortions instead of offering surgical.” She urged the authorities to prepare, stating that “plans must be put in place to make sure we don’t suffer shortages in the next while” and that “everyone needs to do their part.”

This reality means that the pro-life movement will be even more essential than usual in the weeks and months ahead. We can be sure that the abortion industry is preparing for a coronavirus baby boom in the days ahead, because they know that they will have many customers seeking their awful services. Combine that with an inevitable economic downturn—perhaps worse—and there will be many, many precious pre-born children who will be in desperate need of advocates willing to reach those seeking abortions to persuade them to change their minds. My colleagues and I at the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform are using this time, when pro-life public outreach is restricted by social distancing and the state of emergency, to utilize the online public square as well as plan for the moment we can renew our public outreach and prepare new resources to fuel the building of a pro-life culture in the days ahead.

Because when that moment comes, for many pre-born children, the state of emergency will be just beginning.



The CCBR Team (Eastern branch):

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Following Texas, Oklahoma governor orders abortions to stop in face of pandemic

By Jonathon Van Maren

With experts warning that the coronavirus pandemic is going to place enormous strain on the health care system and speculating about potential shortages of PPE (personal protective equipment) and even of medical professionals themselves, the abortion industry is fighting tooth and nail to keep its doors open — even if essential medical supplies need to get diverted to those ending lives rather than those saving them.

Some abortion facilities in Texas and Ohio are still protesting state orders to close their doors in preparation for the pandemic, and abortion activists in Texas are suing the state over an executive order to halt abortions. Abortion activists are claiming that their services, which physically destroy pre-born children in the womb, are “essential” and “time-sensitive.”

According to Created Equal, an Ohio-based pro-life organization leading the charge to lobby states to shut the abortion industry down, “8 states have ordered abortions to stop.” According to Mark Harrington of Created Equal, “[s]urgical abortions have been specifically ordered to stop in OH, TX, LA, MS, TN, KY, OK, IA. Non-essential surgeries have been banned, yet abortions continue in MD, FL, CO, MI, RI, AZ, NY, AK, IN, WV, GA, VT.”


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Open Democracy says coronavirus pandemic is an opportunity to “abolish the family”

By Jonathon Van Maren

I’ve always been close to my family, but the coronavirus pandemic and the requisite social distancing have reminded me not to take them for granted. Never again will I “just drop by” my parents’ place without being reminded that it is a blessing to be able to do so. My toddler daughter is so fed up with not seeing her extended family that she frequently demands that we video-call her grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Like everyone else, I worry about my elderly grandparents. In the midst of the panic, many of us are feeling profoundly grateful for the families we have been blessed with.

But if you are a certain type of progressive, this global upheaval presents an opportunity. Open Democracy, for example, published an essay this week with this headline: “The coronavirus crisis shows it’s time to abolish the family.”


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An abortion clinic is requesting that desperately-needed medical supplies be donated to their staff

By Jonathon Van Maren

Earlier this week, I noted that several states were shutting down abortion clinics in order to preserve the badly-needed medical supplies for medical workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic. Many clinics are defying state orders to close their doors, although the pro-life group Created Equal has confirmed that clinics in Texas are shutting down. Abortion activists and industry representatives are livid, claiming that destroying pre-born children in the womb is an “essential service” and that despite the shortage of medical supplies and calls for social distancing and self-quarantines, the abortions must go on. Moloch must not go hungry come hell or highwater.

Some abortion activists have claimed that clinics do not use up medical supplies necessary for frontline workers who have been highlighting a shortage. But as it turns out, at least one Planned Parenthood abortion centre is asking people to donate the very supplies those working to save lives so desperately need. From The Daily Caller:

Planned Parenthood Keystone is requesting donations of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be used specifically for abortions, despite a nationwide shortage of PPE to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Planned Parenthood of Keystone, Pennsylvania, posted Tuesday on Facebook requesting donations of PPE such as hand sanitizer and shoe covers. Planned Parenthood Keystone oversees nine health centers in eastern and central Pennsylvania and is a branch of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the nation’s largest abortion provider.

The request for donations is also posted on Planned Parenthood Keystone’s website. “In uncertain times like this, Planned Parenthood is as committed to patients as always,” the organization said. “We will provide as many people as possible with the critical sexual healthcare they need to stay safe and healthy. In order to help us do this, please consider donating hand sanitizer, home sewn masks, shoe covers, and surgical hats to protect our medical staff as they continue to provide care in our communities,” the request for donations added.

The PPE that Planned Parenthood Keystone is requesting will be used for abortions only, since Planned Parenthood Keystone has stated that it will only be performing abortions. Planned Parenthood Keystone announced Tuesday that all of its health centers intended for “family planning visits” are closed effective March 23. “At this time,” the group posted on Facebook in bold lettering, “Planned Parenthood Keystone is serving patients in Allentown, Wilkes-Barre, Warminster, Reading, York, and Harrisburg for abortion services only.”

The Planned Parenthood branch’s request for PPE came as the death toll and number of cases of COVID-19 increase in the United States and multiple state health departments ban abortions to preserve PPE. Hospitals, health workers and health officials have emphasized the shortage of PPE to care for coronavirus victims. Citizens have begun to take matters into their own hands by crafting and donating PPE, while President Donald Trump said more supplies are on their way.

Some abortionists and activists have actually been tweeting that abortion services are “time-sensitive,” without mentioning the fact that the reason these procedures are “time-sensitive” is because if they don’t take place, a living baby girl or boy will be born. A pandemic is crippling the global economy and killing thousands, but for some ghouls the key concern here is not that too many people will die, but that too few will. I understand that this is not how they would frame it, but let’s not kid ourselves: They know that the babies they are aborting are babies. One abortionist, in a bizarre attempt to defend her work, tweeted that she was doing abortions and prenatal care in the same day, and that both were “healthcare.” She didn’t attempt to explain the schizophrenia between carefully ensuring that one pre-born child was healthy before lunch and crushing the skull of a baby the same age after lunch.

I hope everybody is watching this. When this is all over, I hope they remember that while frontline medical workers were running short of medical supplies, a franchise of America’s largest abortion chain was putting out calls to have those supplies rerouted to those ending lives rather than those saving them.

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British government imposing abortion regime on Northern Ireland despite enormous opposition

The British government appears determined to force a radical abortion regime on Northern Ireland despite widespread opposition throughout the country. From Gript:

A very significant majority of the public submissions made to a consultation on abortion in Northern Ireland organised by the British government opposed any changes to the abortion law.

79% – almost four out of every five submissions –  “registered their general opposition to any abortion provision in Northern Ireland beyond that which is currently permitted”, the Northern Ireland office admitted.

Despite this, this week, Wednesday 25th March, the British Government announced they would legalise abortion without restriction to 12 weeks and in other circumstances up to birth in the region. Pro-life group Precious Life said the UK Government had “totally ignored the results of its own six-week consultation on changes to abortion law here, which took place from 4 November to 16 December last year.”

“We can proudly say that 79% of those who responded to the consultation expressed their opposition to any abortion in Northern Ireland, signifying the public support for our life-saving laws valuing the lives of both mothers and babies,” said Director Bernadette Smyth. Opinion polls in the north have also showed opposition to the imposition of abortion from Westminster, and opposition to abortion-on-demand.

Bernadette Smyth said “It is horrifying to learn that one of the most permissive, extreme and inhumane abortion regimes in Europe will be introduced to Northern Ireland by the British Government. This is in spite of the fact that our elected representatives returned to Stormont in January and at a time when the UK has been brought to its knees by the Coronavirus pandemic. And right in the middle of a national crisis, when people in Northern Ireland and across the world are uniting under the shared understanding that all human life is precious and must be protected, the British Government are still intent on killing and destroying innocent and vulnerable human life in Northern Ireland.

“Precious Life are now calling on the pro-life majority of Northern Ireland to rise up in opposition to this horrific new law,” Mrs Smyth said. “We are asking the pro-life people of Northern Ireland, who have time and time again shown their emphatic opposition to abortion, to respond to our Repeal Section 9’ Campaign. We need them to email their MLAs to ask them to pass legislation to immediately repeal this barbaric and inhumane law, which 79% of respondents were firmly opposed to.”

For a rundown on how Westminster forced abortion on Northern Ireland, check out my interview with Bernadette Smyth from just before the law was imposed:

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Albert Uderzo, co-creator of Asterix, has died

By Jonathon Van Maren

Albert Uderzo, the co-creator of the Asterix comic books (with his friend René Goscinny, who died in 1977), passed away this week at the age of 92. Such is the all-encompassing nature of the current pandemic that multiple media outlets felt it necessary to specify that the old artist had not, in fact, died from COVID-19, but rather from natural causes. “Albert Uderzo died in his sleep at his home in Neuilly, after a heart attack that was not linked to the coronavirus,” his son-in-law Bernard de Choisy told the AFP news agency.

I pause briefly to note this event simply because I, like many other kids of European heritage, spent many happy hours reading the stories about the indomitable Gaulish warriors rumbling around the Roman Empire and far-flung reaches of the ancient world. I learned a lot about ancient history (believe it or not), admired Uderzo’s brilliant cityscape sketches, and didn’t fully understand most of the puns until years later. I was one of many: the Asterix books have sold 370 million copies worldwide since Asterix the Gaul was published in 1961 and have been translated into dozens of languages.

Uderzo and Goscinny, who did the writing for the stories until his death, came up with the idea for a series featuring the ancient Gauls while having a drink on the balcony of Uderzo’s apartment. They wanted to create characters that were distinctly French, but with the heroism of Tintin—but not like the American superhero comics. The ancient world proved to be the perfect setting, and Julius Caesar and the Gauls the perfect antagonists. In the years to come, the characters would take on lives of their own.

Since Uderzo’s retirement in 2011, the Asterix comics have been taken over by Jean-Yves Ferri (who does the writing) and Didier Conrad (who does the artwork), and Asterix and the Chieftan’s Daughter was released last October (Asterix and the Picts, published in 2013, was the first book created without either of the two original creators.) The stories are still enjoyable, the ancient landscapes and historical tidbits are still interesting, and the artwork is still superb, but with both Goscinny and Uderzo gone, there is something missing. It is as if the characters had something of the two men in them, and when Goscinny died, the books lost something—and now that Uderzo is gone, much of the magic has died.

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The coronavirus pandemic is showing us how insane the transgender movement really is

By Jonathon Van Maren

We have all seen many powerful images and poignant stories over the past several weeks: Italians out on their balconies, singing folk songs so they can be together while they are alone in quarantine; an elderly Italian priest infected with coronavirus who gave up the ventilator he was on to a younger person and passed away; the photographs of stunned and battle-weary health care workers after long shifts on the front lines. These are pictures and stories from the new world we have entered together, and we do not know how long we must be here or what lies on the other side.

If you read VICE, however, you might discover that “poignant” means something entirely different to a certain type of activist. According to Diana Tourjee: “The lack of options for simple panties are a poignant example of how deeply society actively disinvests in trans women.” I suspect Tourjee doesn’t know what “poignant” means, because if she did she would not be applying it to a situation where males identifying as women are struggling with their choices in underclothing. This sort of thing has always been ridiculous, but in the context of a global pandemic, it is much more obviously so to many more people.


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Here are 23 essential reasons you need to stay away from porn during the coronavirus pandemic

By Jonathon Van Maren

As self-isolation and quarantines continue in the face of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the repulsive flesh-peddlers at PornHub are attempting to lure in new customers by offering free porn subscriptions in some countries—and even people who have beaten their addiction are facing temptation in the face of boredom and stress. Pornography, as I’ve written many times, is poison, and it destroys our souls, our minds, our relationships, our families, and everything we hold dear. For those tempted to look at porn for the first time or to watch porn again, here are just a few incredibly important reasons to stand fast and prayerfully seek to purge this poison from your life or flee from the temptation where it arises:

  1. If you’re watching porn, you’re contributing to sex trafficking, rape, and the abuse of minors.
  2. Pornography is mainstreaming sexual violence, leading almost a quarter of adult American women to say they feel fear during sex because of porn-inspired violence like choking.
  3. Porn is literally grooming men to become sexual predators.
  4. Porn is normalizing sexual violence within the romantic context.
  5. Young girls are actually sustaining life-changing injuries due to boys copying acts they see in porn.
  6. One study indicates that porn makes boys two to three times more likely to perpetrate sexual violence against girls.
  7. Porn has led to a massive spike in children sexually assaulting other children.
  8. The stories girls tell about what it is like to grow up in a pornified culture are heartbreaking.
  9. As girls increasingly watch porn as well, it is grooming them to become victims of violence.
  10. Pornography transforms the way your brain works in ways you probably don’t realize.
  11. Pornography is incredibly addictive (even Kanye West admitted to struggling with it for 37 years.)
  12. Pornography destroys our ability to have meaningful relationships, and makes us profoundly miserable. It even destroys masculinity itself.
  13. Porn destroys marriages—and could more than double your chances of divorce.
  14. Studies are increasingly showing us that porn functions like a drug.
  15. Our culture’s annual porn consumption produces as much carbon emissions as the nation of Belgium: Porn poisons the mind, the soul, and the planet.
  16. Porn actresses are abused, degraded, and put through horrifying violence for the entertainment of porn users—who are conditioning themselves to be aroused to the pain of others. The testimonies of those who have left the industry are heartbreaking.
  17. The porn industry peddles vile racial stereotypes and propagates racism (specializing in videos of black people being raped by “slave owner” white men and other repulsive genres.)
  18. The original feminists and left-wing icons such as Noam Chomsky all opposed the porn industry based on the fact that it was exploitative and promoted the degradation of all involved.
  19. Nepal actually decided to ban porn after a 300% increase in rapes.
  20. The porn industry targets children to hook them young.
  21. Pornography fuels child abuse.
  22. Porn has fueled a sexting crisis.
  23. Porn is demonic. Consider this: Instead of the husband sacrificing himself for the wife, a reflection of the Gospel story, we have millions of men across North America actively arousing themselves with scenes of physical destruction that reduce many of the women and girls on the screen to human rubble. Sacrificing the bodies of others for our own pleasure, we display our utter contempt for the Gospel message.

For parents who find themselves at home with their kids, here is a great instructional on how to have conversations about porn with your children and how to begin porn-proofing your home:

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The coronavirus pandemic has revealed how committed our culture is to killing babies

By Jonathon Van Maren

As the coronavirus pandemic becomes a matter of life and death for people from Milan to New York City, the global abortion wars have intensified. Abortion, of course, is also a matter of life and death, and many abortion activists are using the pandemic to push for the elimination of abortion regulations. The UK government initially published a statement indicating that both stages of medication abortions could be done from home, before the page mysteriously disappeared from the government website. Ohio abortion clinics are fighting a directive from the attorney general to close their doors. And Planned Parenthood is declaring that they will stay open—no matter what.

While some in the medical profession battle to save lives, others continue to work tirelessly to take it.

In Poland, abortion activists are concerned that closed borders could prevent women from traveling outside the country to procure abortions that are illegal in the country. “The idea that we would have to tell a woman that because of the pandemic she won’t be able to go abroad to have an abortion as she had been planning to was horrifying,” Natalia Broniarczyk of Aborcyjny Dream Team told one media outlet. In Poland, where abortion is illegal in all cases except for fetal abnormality, rape, incest, or a threat to the mother’s health, many hospitals refuse to perform abortions, citing the convictions of the physicians. One woman, Broniarczyk noted, could not get to the Netherlands for her twenty-week abortion and had to be rerouted to the UK via Berlin. Broniarczyk’s happy endings are dead children.

The Heritage Foundation also published a good summary of how the abortion wars are unfolding in the United States, noting that the final draft of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, recently signed into law by President Donald Trump, contained Hyde Amendment protections preventing the funds from being spent on abortions. Texas has also joined Ohio in calling on abortion clinics to cease providing “medically unnecessary abortions,” with Attorney General Ken Paxton stating that abortions were required to cease along with all other “medically unnecessary surgeries and procedures,” and that anyone who violated this order would “be met with the full force of the law.” Washington and Massachusetts took the opposite approach, declaring abortion an “essential service.”

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has thrown its support behind states that have declared abortion an essential service, while the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists pointed out that the ACOG does not even represent its own membership considering the fact that “more than 85% of OB/GYNs do not perform abortions.” The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, the Catholic Medical Association, the Christian Medical and Dental Associations, and the American College of Pediatricians joined them in stating that: “As representatives of over 30,000 physicians…[we] call for all elective abortions to be suspended in accordance with the current CDC recommendations pertaining to elective procedures and office visits.”

In Canada, abortion clinics are staying open. Despite the fact that the pandemic has halted much of the world, killing babies must go on, and I have to say that I get the feeling that this is like shaking a fist towards heaven. Churches are closed, pro-life groups must restrict their public outreach activities—but abortion clinics continue to destroy children in the womb. Perhaps this will change in the days ahead—we hope and pray it will—but it appears that this pandemic has revealed just how staunchly committed our culture is to murdering children in the womb. Even amid panic and death and disease, tiny children created in God’s image are being shredded by medical professionals who could put aside their bloody work and join those fighting to save lives.

But with society falling apart day by day, the abortionists stay busy—and say that of all the services we desperately need, from medical services to church services, the service of killing our babies is an essential one.

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Coronavirus pandemic shuts down Dutch euthanasia clinic

It shouldn’t surprise me, but it does genuinely sicken me: As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps the West, those who deal in death continue to insist that their “services” are still somehow essential. As I noted yesterday, abortion clinics in the US are refusing to shut down, in some instances despite direct orders from state authorities.

But according to the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, there is at least one temporary silver lining in all of this insanity:

The Netherlands euthanasia clinic has temporarily shut-down amid the Coronavirus crisis. This is the euthanasia clinic that reported euthanasia requests, in 2019, were up by 22% and euthanasia deaths increased to 898 from 727 in 2018. This is also the euthanasia clinic that specializes in euthanasia for psychiatric reasons and euthanasia for people with dementia or questionable competency.

The announcement from the euthanasia clinic (Google translated) follows:

Corona crisis hits Euthanasia Expertise Center

The Corona crisis also affects the assistance of the Euthanasia Expertise Center. In the interest of public health, our patients, their loved ones and employees of the expertise center, it is no longer responsible to continue our current care provision.

Euthanasia expertise center temporarily will not accept new patients; clients are requested to submit their request at a later date. In addition, the care for current patients of the Euthanasia Expertise Center is suspended. Existing processes are put on hold and resumed at a later date. If euthanasia has already been agreed or promised, euthanasia can continue on condition that the group of attendees is limited to those who are absolutely necessary. Urgent case histories of current patients from the center of expertise are also dealt with, as long as a doctor and nurse are available for this. This concerns case histories of terminal patients or patients where there is an important risk that the ability to exercise will be compromised.


…However, special circumstances force us to take these inevitable steps. However harsh: euthanasia care cannot be identified as a top priority in health care. The risk of infection is high and the expertise center employs ambulatory doctors and nurses who also work elsewhere. For example, they are general practitioners or work in the intensive care unit of a hospital. Other healthcare providers are retired and themselves fall under the definition of the group of “vulnerable”.

Euthanasia consultants

The measures apply until April 6. The government’s date is leading for the Euthanasia Expertise Center. Our euthanasia consultants continue to provide (general practitioner) doctors in the Netherlands with telephone support.

A small blessing, I suppose: At least it is not top priority to kill patients when medical professionals are desperately needed to save them.

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Abortion clinics are defying government orders to shut down in wake of COVID-19 pandemic

By Jonathon Van Maren

More than 100 pro-life leaders are demanding that abortion clinics be shut down in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. They are calling on governors to shut down abortion centers still operating in defiance of public health warnings as well as state and national health directives. While authorities have moved to shut down schools, businesses, and even churches, most abortion clinics remain open for business.

According to Mark Harrington of the Ohio-based pro-life group Created Equal, who helped spearhead the effort: “Every day, abortion facilities violently end the lives of thousands of human beings. And now, by refusing to close their doors as COVID-19 wreaks havoc across the nation, they are endangering the general public, too. Not only are these facilities consuming scarce personal protective equipment, they risk spreading COVID-19 throughout their state. Furthermore, abortionists themselves are not immune to COVID-19 and some, including one in Michigan, may have already contracted the disease. These facilities also put a burden on community EMTs and hospital ERs, should they have a medical emergency at one of their locations.”


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How are pro-life groups responding to the COVID-19 lockdown?

By Jonathon Van Maren

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads around the world and governments call on their citizens to stay home, many pro-life organizations have been impacted as well.

I serve as communications director for the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform, which has five offices across Canada, and in nearly every major city where we do daily activism and outreach, a state of emergency has been called. While we are still doing whatever outreach we can—driving our Truth Trucks, for example—our street outreach to students and passersby is obviously out of the question for the next couple of weeks. Many of us are working from home on the internships and projects we have planned for the year.

My speaking engagements in Canada and the United States were cancelled within a few days, and I’ve been asked instead to do webinars on pro-life subjects for those stuck at home—last night, I spoke to campus leaders from across Michigan via Zoom on behalf of Protect Life Michigan. CCBR is also now offering our pro-life study series, A Christian’s Guide to Defending Life in the Womb, online over the next five weeks so that pro-lifers can take advantage of this time stuck at home to get better prepared for activism or conversations about abortion with peers.


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Trans activists complain that the coronavirus pandemic has sex change surgeries sidelined as “non-essential”

By Jonathon Van Maren

On Twitter this week, right-wing wags sarcastically inquired as to long it would be before the “pandemic hits trans community hardest” stories began to emerge. It would appear that Vice has beaten Vox to the punch, and the inevitable stories have begun: One of their latest headlines solemnly declares that “As Hospitals Prepare for COVID-19, Life-Saving Trans Surgeries Are Delayed.” That’s a pretty reaching (and inaccurate) description of sex change surgeries, but Vice needs us all to know that the pandemic is particularly difficult for the LGBT community:

For transgender and gender non-conforming people, gender-affirming surgeries are life-altering procedures, which, for many, can greatly reduce gender dysphoria and improve their quality of life. But in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, trans communities on Reddit and Twitter are being flooded with reports of postponed and canceled surgeries in the U.S., U.K., Spain, Thailand, and elsewhere, leading to enormous stress and disappointment on top of a global health crisis…These cancellations and postponements are taking place as medical systems across the U.S. are facing a shortage of supplies and beds. Hospitals are discharging patients faster than usual, and systems have quickly moved to postpone any non-urgent procedures to free up space. In the U.K., the National Health Service has moved to postpone all non-urgent surgery for at least three months. For trans people, this includes planned gender-affirming procedures. Patients whose procedures are just weeks away are still waiting to find out if they’ll happen as planned.

And so, predictably, trans activists are using the pandemic to flog their talking points: Sex change surgeries are life-saving and essential, these procedures should be recognized as such, and the fact that a double mastectomy on a physically healthy woman or the castration of a physically healthy male is not covered by health insurance is a disgrace. Also, in case this wasn’t crystal clear, these surgeries are essential care and it is awful that this pandemic is forcing the medical community to admit that, when pushes comes to shove, they are in fact not essential care.

As one Twitter commenter summarized it: “My breast implants were delayed so someone’s grandma with coronavirus could go on a respirator and that’s problematic and possibly feels TERFy.” As I noted earlier this week, when a disaster of this scope strikes us, we are all forced to realize that these boutique LGBTQ2etc issues are, in fact, the sad luxuries of a decadent culture with too much time and money on its hands.

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Amid global panic, New Zealand legalizes abortion on demand

By Jonathon Van Maren

Plans for a public referendum on the decriminalization of abortion in New Zealand were scrapped by lawmakers today in favor of a parliamentary vote, and legislators voted 68 to 51 to remove abortion from the 1961 Crimes Act. Abortion already had been essentially legal, with women being required to obtain the approval of two physicians who determined that the pregnancy was a danger to the physical or mental health of the mother. The Crimes Act was never enforced in the case of abortion, and no women actually went to prison for having one (technically speaking, the law permitted prison terms of up to 14 years for aborting a child).

According to justice minister Andrew Little, removing this last bit of stigma against abortion was a necessary move that gives women more control over their bodies (and the bodies of their pre-born children, which he did not mention). Little said the status quo had resulted in women lying in order to obtain abortions and caused delays that he felt were unnecessary. “From now [on] abortions will be rightly treated as a health issue,” he stated on Wednesday. “The previous law required a woman seeking an abortion to go through many hoops.”

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