David Daleiden: The Man Who Knows Too Much

By Jonathon Van Maren

Shoot the messenger. It’s the oldest trick in the book.

For abortion activists, this is sweet, sweet revenge. They spent 2015 making sweaty, panicked press statements insisting that they did not sell baby parts, they did not do anything illegal, and they would be cleared. Then they admitted that they did sell baby parts, but not illegally. The news that a Houston grand jury has decided to indict David Daleiden, the undercover journalist in charge of the Center for Medical Progress, along with his colleague Sandra Merritt, has Planned Parenthood and the “progressive” media cackling hoarsely with relief.

They had a pretty good idea things might turn out this way. Obama’s Justice Department was never going to touch Planned Parenthood or the abortion industry. Planned Parenthood is probably the only thing the Clintons have ever been faithful to. And oh, yeah—a prosecutor working in the Harris County District Attorney’s office, the very office that was conducting the Planned Parenthood investigation, just happened to also serve on the Board of Directors for Planned Parenthood. When one bloodstained hand clasps another in friendship, they tend to congeal together.

The indictment is disgusting and every thinking person can see it. Rather than indicting Planned Parenthood for selling fetal body parts, the grand jury prefers to indict the whistleblower for revealing this cash-for-parts graveyard by claiming that it was Daleiden engaging in illegal, body-buying behavior. They know this is not the case. Everyone knows it. But if they can slither through various loopholes and find a way to silence Daleiden, they will. Even if they have to ignore the fact that for there to be a buyer, there has to be a seller. Not to mention a supplier. Now there’s a question everyone is ignoring: Who is dismantling the babies?

Already the media’s counteroffensive is roaring. “FYI, Planned Parenthood does NOT harvest baby body parts,” the Huffington Post crowed, accompanying this with an appropriate emoticon featuring a monkey covering his eyes. The problem is, that particular point was never contested. Planned Parenthood never denied harvesting organs from dead babies. They simply denied that they were doing anything illegal. They claimed that the money they received for these fetal organs simply covered the cost of shipping the brains and livers and hollow corpses to the Frankensteins awaiting them on the other end. That was the fact that the media tried desperately to ignore.

And that is what the abortion industry and the media simply do not understand. The millions of people outraged by the macabre decapitating, dismembering, and disemboweling for profit are not furious that Planned Parenthood might not be following the letter of the law, such as it is. We all know that the law is allowing horrifying things to take place on a regular basis. That simply makes it more horrifying. That makes it more grotesque. That injustices occur, we all know. That Lady Justice can endorse them is something else entirely. She is supposed to be blind, not blood-drunk. Not a participant.

This is what I’ve been telling those who read my painstaking reviews of the leaked footage from the National Abortion Federation conference and howled that everything is legal and the footage is edited and this is all hoax. This is raw footage, I replied. I had to watch hours of it. And whether or not this is legal, listen to these abortionists. Listen to them talk about burning babies and headless children and empty eye sockets and pillaged corpses. It was brutal to watch. I cannot express how much I admire Daleiden for going through years of undercover work, listening to casual conversations about cadavers and killing.

When I met Daleiden and a mutual friend one November evening in a little café in Laguna Beach, I had no idea that he was living a double life posing as Robert Sarkis, buyer of fetal body parts. It was not until he told me a few months later that I realized he was on the brink of the most explosive exposes the pro-life movement had seen in years. And it was not until I watched hours of banal and brutal footage this past fall that I realized what he had been living through, day in, day out. He saw too much, he knows too much, and now the abortion industry and their media propagandists are going to try and destroy him.

It’s far too late for that. Only their allies will believe them. The truth is out. They’re going to fail.

4 thoughts on “David Daleiden: The Man Who Knows Too Much

  1. Fr Jeffrey Stephaniuk says:

    I hope the conflict of interest of the District Attorney-Board Member of Planned Parenthood becomes the technicality needed to release David Daleidan and Sandra Merritt from the clutches of this injustice.
    The importance of your statement, “every thinking person can see it” is that law is only possible when it corresponds with the fullness of human nature, that is both intelligence and will. Only law as a product of thinking people across generations can be our guide to the proper exercise of human will, and in this instance, a resistance to the temptation of the abortionists to say that if I will it, whether abortion itself or the sale of human medical material, it is therefore legal and there can be no law against will.
    Reason, intelligence, thinking, will also expose the lie that abortion is executed on a non human person but their itemized physical anatomy possesses a monetary value obscenely higher than their worth as a person in life.
    Good sentiment, too, in the article that you are concerned for the need for the self-care of these undercover advocates for the pre-born.

    • Jacqui says:

      Well my point is that shooting the Whistlblower/ or indicting the wrong people shows us that free speech is dead. That investigative journalism is under threat. When there is a conflict of interest in this case means that the person should not be able to have an affect on this situation because they are baised. Meaning they are pre- disposed to a certain way of thinking. Therefore immediately another person should be assigned who isn’t on the board in this area of Planned Parenthood.
      Then they should look again at who are really breaking the law. PP not an investigative journalist exposing the truth about their culture of death.
      The truth will come out and all these people will either resign/ be imprisoned/ indicted or all of them. There is going to be such an uproar from the American people over this. They will say to the government enough is enough. They will not get away with this. Stand up for what is right America and take your nation Back from corruption. Righteousness exalts a nation, not the aforementioned.

  2. Elizabeth Benallick says:

    Excellent piece – one of my favourite sentences: ‘Planned Parenthood is probably the only thing the Clintons have ever been faithful to.’ And this is the problem. ‘The Clintons’ truly represent the spirit of deception that is so very flagrant and common in our sad, sick world. Otherwise, the horrible truth is clearly, easily seen for what it is.

  3. Lourdes Evangelista says:

    “Oh no!” was my first reaction when I read the breaking news yesterday and felt angry & sad. But perhaps, I began to think, this could be the final straw that would break the camel’s back.
    Maybe it might galvanize people to finally stand up and say “We had enough!”. God works in mysterious ways and He will not allow evil to reign. David chose to be brave and he will not be alone.

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