Justin Trudeau loses it on rural MP for questioning his upcoming gun restrictions

By Jonathon Van Maren

It should be no surprise that Justin Trudeau has been a bit testy lately. After all, he’s had a no-good, rotten year—and people just don’t seem to understand his brilliance like they used to, even when Bill Nye the Science Guy came to Canada to bolster Trudeau’s standing in the smarts department. It turns out that once you’ve bhangra danced one time too many and embarrassed Canada on the world stage by launching an unasked-for Bollywood fashion show, people start to get pretty sick of you.

So after all that, this story from the Hill Times did not particularly surprise me:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s angry response to a rural MP’s concerns raised at a recent national caucus meeting on the Hill over the government’s upcoming gun legislation did not go over well with some Liberal MPs who say it will have a “chilling” effect on their ability to speak candidly at the closed-door meetings.

According to Liberal MPs and insiders, Mr. Trudeau (Papineau, Que.) verbally “attacked” rookie Liberal MP T.J. Harvey (Tobique-Mactaquac, N.B.), chair of the Liberal rural caucus, during the Feb. 28 national caucus meeting on Parliament Hill. Mr. Harvey stood up to say that there was a “lack” of meaningful consultation with the caucus over the government’s upcoming gun control legislation.

“Justin was much too vitriolic and attacked him,” one Liberal MP, referring to Mr. Harvey, told The Hill Times, who spoke on condition of anonymity since the closed-door caucus meetings are confidential. “We’re also supposed to have the right to voice our opinion.”

This MP said the soon to be tabled gun legislation is “scaring the h*** out of the Liberal caucus,” especially the ones representing rural ridings.

Although the MP himself wouldn’t disclose details, apparently Trudeau lost it—that those rural rubes questioning him again, and this time in his very own caucus meeting was apparently just a bit too much for him to handle:

According to sources, Mr. Trudeau, “went after” Mr. Harvey and “asserted” that there has already been a “robust, more than sufficient consultation,” and no more consultation was needed. Sources said that the whole caucus was taken aback by the prime minister’s unusually angry tone, which they said would have an “intimidating effect” on MPs’ willingness to raise issues in future caucus meetings.

This is the same guy who sends his caucus out to say that the Canada Summer Jobs kerfuffle is over and that everything is fine, even though I’m told by some (who have actually gotten the calls) that Liberal MPs are desperately phoning community groups in their ridings and begging them to apply anyway—and that many of Trudeau’s caucus members are very unhappy with how this has impacted them in their ridings.

The lineup of bad decision-making and gaffes that has turned Trudeau into an international laughingstock has also led many Liberal caucus members to distrust the judgement of the omnipresent staffers who are widely considered to be Trudeau’s handlers: Gerald Butts and Katie Telford. Butts, who is known in political circles as “PMB” or Prime Minister Butts, is famously thin-skinned (he’s blocked hundreds of critics on Twitter, myself included), and probably contributes quite heavily to Trudeau’s inability to apologize for anything. He’s widely considered to be the power behind the throne, and his presence at caucus meetings has apparently raised the ire of many MPs, who (not incorrectly) point out that these meetings are for elected officials only.

Many MPs openly say they wish that Trudeau would lay off the gun issue altogether—it simply looks like another out-of-touch move specifically targeting rural Canadians, and it breaks a campaign promise to boot. Rural Canadians should be reminded that this highlights what Trudeau thinks of them—he even shouts at rural MPs for questioning his judgement as he creates policy that will target that MP’s constituents. And rural Canadians should remember this come 2019, when Mr. Dress Up may produce a crisply ironed flannel shirt and mount a stack of hay bales to convince farmers that he’s really, deep down, one of them.


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21 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau loses it on rural MP for questioning his upcoming gun restrictions

  1. Blaine says:

    The narcissist does not even listen to his own political party.
    Young fella, you are a part time drama teacher, no experience with big business and you feel capable of running out country.
    I believe the article to be accurate as to your LACK of success.
    Another embarrassed Canadian

  2. Jon says:

    It’s not just rural Canadians, it’s all Canadians who have a PAL, who legally own firearms, and who enjoy hunting or shooting sports. Over 2 million of us. That’s the only group C-71 does anything to. It does nothing at all for public safety and combating crime. Criminals don’t follow laws. If you want to combat crime then give the police what they need to do their jobs.

  3. Wayne Brown says:

    Just crossing the floor doesn’t contribute to “Red Tory Party”. It only means that they have convictions and their constituents concerns front and centre. That is as it should be. Their leader is not a dictator unless they allow it!

      • Linda Caton says:

        Ever since Trudeau came back from Aga Khan’s, he is definately acting like a little Dictator. He needs to leave now. He’s invited everyone in and isn’t paying for the dinner himself nor is he picking the mess up. Easy to act generous with other people’s money. He’s a privileged little shit who bullies people who he deems “beneath him”. A Canadian nightmare. Doesn’t know which hat to wear does he???

  4. Michael Ackermann says:

    To those opposed to proactive, multilayered, timely and effective self defence, I say:

    The assailant chooses the time, place and manner of assault, and the degree of force the defender must use to stay alive.

    The police can only come after they are called, and then take time to get to the scene. In Canada the fastest response recorded was under 3 minutes. Pretty fast, but not fast enough to save the two women who were killed by an abusive ex.

    Of all the responses to violent assault, including passive compliance, the defensive handgun has the best outcomes for both defender and assailant, as most of the time the attack is aborted at distance without physical contact being made and without any shots fired.

    These are repeatedly confirmed, well documented facts.

    If you say “no” to CCW, you are advocating that defenceless women should be assaulted, raped and/or killed, when they would have survived if they had been adequately trained and armed.

    You can have a right to your misinformed opinion, but you do not have a right to your own facts.

  5. M Phillips says:

    Trudeau is only one vote his liberal MP’s are just as weak as him , for God’s sake stand up and vote the way they really fell and don’t be worried about getting 2 terms so they are set for life

  6. Chuck Martin says:

    Most Canadians have come to terms with the fact that trudope is nothing more than a mindless puppet of the George Soros Globalist agenda intentionally destroying Canada; however the big question on my mind; is why LIEberal and NDP mp’s say nothing against trudope in his unwavering assault on Canadian religious freedom, and civil rights. It is time to hold LIEberal and NDP mp’s accountable for their actions by supporting trudope in his destruction of Canada. These lowlifes do not have the interests of their electorate in mind; but rather support our globalist puppet trudope. Time to ostracize and shun these scumbags! Make these low life TRAITORS know that they will be prosecuted for TREASON when trudope is kicked to the curb!

  7. Don Lum says:

    Maybe the Liberals MP will finally recognize that Trudeau is a anchor for the party, and start to organize a non confident vote to oust this dictator at heart…….

  8. James says:

    Honestly? . . . Somebody should just walk up to Trudeau in one of these meetings and smack him. Old-school instantaneous wake-up call.

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