Transgender activists have become hysterical totalitarians. Here’s proof.

By Jonathon Van Maren

June 22, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Earlier this week, in their July/August issue, The Atlantic made what appears to be a very serious mistake: They published a long-form article by Jesse Singal titled “When Children Say They’re Trans.”

The prestigious liberal publication—which dutifully fired columnist Kevin D. Williamson when the social media mobs came for him for off-hand comments on a podcast about abortion—is now on the receiving end of raw hatred and vitriol from trans activists that shows you everything you need to know about the tolerance of the transgender movement—and how they plan to respond to dissent in a society they seek to transform by the acceptance of their gender ideologies.

Jesse Singal, it seems, committed a few unpardonable sins in the course of conducting interviews and writing his essay.

First of all, he talked to a teenage girl who thought she was trans, but later realized that she was not—and was relieved that her parents had delayed getting her the double-mastectomy and hormone treatments she’d been pleading for just a short time before. Those parents, even though they prevented the permanent mutilation of their daughter, did the wrong thing in the eyes of trans activists—as Singal notes, the LGBT movement urges parents and other authorities to respond to any indication that a teen or child might be trans with “affirmation.” Singal made the mistake of telling a story that clearly implied what the results of that could be.

Secondly, Singal also interviewed a number of “detransitioners”: Men and women who attempted to physically transition to the opposite gender, and later decided to transition back to their biological sex—often after much physical and mental trauma. As far as trans activists are concerned, these men and women are nonpersons. Any mention of them in any column or article incurs their immediate rage—as the Twitter mobs headed over to Jesse Singal’s profile, journalist Katie Herzog chimed in with a chilling observation: “Watching people beat up on Jesse Singal is giving me major flashbacks. When I wrote about detransition, people burned stacks of the paper and put up fliers in my neighborhood calling me, The Stranger, my editor, and Dan Savage (of all people) transphobic.”


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