Transgender demanding an apology and thousands of dollars because a railway employee said, “Platform One, sir.”

By Jonathon Van Maren

After living for over sixty years as a man named David, Katie Yeomans decided that being male was the source of his misery. He made the news when he decided to “transition” to female in 2015, and now he’s in the papers again. From The Argus:

A transgender woman is demanding an apology and compensation after claiming she was called “sir” by Southern Rail staff. Katie Yeomans, who had a sex change operation in 2017, says she wants a sincere apology, training for its staff, and up to £2,500 in damages. She claims staff addressed her using the wrong pronoun on two separate occasions while travelling. Southern Rail has said it has looked into the incident “thoroughly” and disputes the claims.

The 66-year-old, who says she needed pills to sleep after the alleged incidents, said: “It is diabolical. I care because I spent five years transitioning and I have all of my legal documentation. So whether people like it or not I am a woman and I expect to be treated as a woman. I don’t expect to treated as a man.”

As I’ve said before, I don’t mind that trans activists take themselves so seriously. It is their insistence that we take them seriously that lapses abruptly into totalitarianism. Consider the absurdity of someone who lived as a man until almost a senior claiming that he was traumatized when someone accidentally (but understandably) referred to him as “sir” while helping him at the train station. These innocent mistakes, apparently, are “diabolical” and have caused him great distress. It is more likely that Yeomans is upset by reminders that he is living out a delusion, and that this fact is still obvious to many people. More:

Miss Yeomans began transitioning after realising she was transgender when she was at a fancy dress party in 2014, aged 61. She is upset that despite having gender reassignment surgery and holding a female birth certificate, she says she was called “sir” twice by Southern Rail staff. On one occasion, she alleges that when trying to speak to a staff member she was told to “take a seat, sir”. On another occasion, about two weeks later, she claims that when asking a staff member what platform the Brighton train was on, she was told “platform number one, sir.”

Miss Yeomans said: “I find it insulting how people will call me sir and find that acceptable. As you can see from photos, I always present myself as very female. This is not the first time I have suffered this type of discrimination. Most companies have apologised and promised to improve things to ensure it never happens again.”

As anyone can see from Yeoman’s photos, he is a pale imitation of a female and looks very obviously masculine. It is an understandable mistake, not to mention a politely-phrased (albeit clearly accidental) recognition of biological reality, that a railway staff member would recognize Katie Yeomans as a man. Notice, too, that Yeomans has made a bit of a habit of extorting cash from businesses that refuse to play along with his identity crisis, or simply fail to recognize what he is going on about. More:

Miss Yeomans started taking women’s hormones in May 2015 which helped her to grow breasts and slow hair growth. In 2016, she was given a female birth certificate and had her sex change operation the following year. She said she believes it is her duty to stand up for other trans women. She also said she has contacted the rail ombudsman.

She added: “The resolution I’m looking for is an apology. I also want reassurance that their equality and diversity training is up to scratch. In view of stress and anxiety this case has caused me, I am seeking compensation.”

The rail ombudsman can get up to £2,500 in damages. A Southern Rail spokesman said: “We have looked into this thoroughly and dispute what has been claimed. However with investigations ongoing it would be inappropriate to make any further comment on this particular case. We promote diversity within the organisation and across the rail industry. We have a popular, active LGBTQ+ community at Southern and Govia Thameslink Railway and are vocal champions of employees who identify as such, celebrating them both internally and in the media.”

It is always nauseating to watch businesses kowtow to the trans activists and the drag queens and the Pride marchers, insisting with barely veiled fear that any accusation of violating an LGBT shibboleth is nonsense—in fact, they go above and beyond in their attempts to promote everything that the LGBT movement wishes to promote. That is why men identifying as women like Mr. Yeomans have so much power: Because they are the current Emperor of the culture, and nobody is allowed to point out that they have no clothes.

Even if it is an innocent mistake, like simply saying: “Platform number one, sir.”


For anyone interested, my book on The Culture War, which analyzes the journey our culture has taken from the way it was to the way it is and examines the Sexual Revolution, hook-up culture, the rise of the porn plague, abortion, commodity culture, euthanasia, and the gay rights movement, is available for sale here.


3 thoughts on “Transgender demanding an apology and thousands of dollars because a railway employee said, “Platform One, sir.”

  1. Ed Sparrius says:

    Transgenderism is being pushed around the world. Yet not 1 scientific study has been able to conclusively state that transgenderism is genetic.

    Over 6000 genes, XX or XY chromosomes in every cell, skeletal structure, external genetalia and many other features determine sex / gender. A mental delusion doesnt.

    Prof John Whitehall, paediatrician for over 50 years and founding chair of the school of medicine at Western Sydney University. NSW. Australia, provided us with 12 talks we videoed on Childhood Gender Dysphoria. He discusses the latest research on hormone blockers, cross-sex hormones, sex reassignment surgery and psychological treatments.

    His talks are supported by 4 Quadrant articles which contain many references.

    Our site also has links to Walter Heyer’s bookshop and many articles. Walter lived as a woman for 8 years before realizing he was living a lie and reverted to being a man. His book Trans Life Survivors contains material from many transgender / transsexuals who regretted going down this path.

    Researcher Patrick Byrne’s book One Shade of Grey exposes the legal and cultural issues of the transgender movement.

    We also have Victoria, Australia’s latest Safe Schools materials, Safe Landing, which has totally age inappropriate materials and teaches children gender fluidity as fact.

    This and much more on our website …

    • Mark Hall says:

      Totally agree , our Nation must be protected from this immoral onslaught that is obviously being pushed by an unseen force that dwells in the houses of power and is currently manipulating Laws via legislation , we all know legislation is a tool of the rich to create laws to subdue people , there are no heroes in our Nations political or justice system , while the people are being stripped of their rights , and legislation and laws give power to bad actors who abuse that power over the people , is this the end of morality , and the protection of the family Unit that our constitution promised to protect . Remember that photo of Leo canvassing for Micky D Higgins as Leo was holding a puppet image of Micky D in his hand . Why has that not been called a conflict of interest . Our politicians boycotting Israel , thus as a neutral country should not do so , but yet they done so undiplomatically painting a target on Ireland and every irish man woman and child in the future should things go south . By doing this they where under the kosh of the EU . Ireland will become a military base for the EU Army , as we are startegically placed in the Atlantic marine and air, plus we would be a patsy for the EU as in we would become the main area as in first strike , giving France and Germany time to react . We are in trouble but where are the heroes .

  2. Mark Hall says:

    We have seen how this minority brow beating the majority has worked in America , as Transgender males to females have taken over the female sporting arena in all categories from running to wrestling , not to mention here , how they tried to sue a cake shop . Is this a case where the law is required to be changed for the benefit of the minority , making the majority of the Nations people second class citizens , in order to accomodate those that have identity problems and live on tender sensetivity issues . Or is it a case that they are using their identity issue in order to sue anyone , that they themselves feel offended in their own mind , sorry but this Identity issue in my mind is a way to profit off those less aware of the gender Identity crisis these people are having , maybe this man turned woman is having buyers remorse and is lashing out at anyone that wont recognise their plight . The law is there to protect people by majority, the law is not there to be manipulated by a minority , most importantly the law and constitution is there to protect the family unit , this kind of issue should not be allowed in schools either , when scientists and phycologists data and experience has been taken , and digested on this issue of Identity crisis of gender , people will realise its a mental Health Issue , and it is wrong for a Nations Government to change laws in order to encourage it in society . Otherwise that Government is not acting in the best interests of its Nations people as a whole , as it would be working to break the moral backbone of that Nation , more and more I see legislation and laws that are being set up to be abused such as the new mental abuse law , as it is open for interpretation , and can be abused not just by woman but can be abused by Government to subdue the people that would speak out against laws that Government can use to Usurp the people and empower itself , and we are getting many passed like that , not so long ago they wanted to tack on new laws to the abortion , and that would have given Government power over the woman and the unborn child . I believe that was stopped but I cannot be sure . There seems to be an attack on our constitutional rights and people better beware . Ireland has never seen such change since it acquired its short freedom only to hand it to another foreign entity the EU . Remember the .govs work for and get paid a wage by the EU , and the EU seem to have an agenda . Watch next for the lowering of the vote to 16 , they will call it ” AVoice For The Youth ” , but in fact it will be to take your children from the schools and conscript them into their new EU Army by Law their law .

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