Pro-choice man sexually harasses pro-life women while crowd cheers

By Jonathon Van Maren

Canada’s abortion activists are getting nervous. After thousands of Canadians rallied in capitals across the country against abortion earlier this month, joined by like-minded politicians such as MPP Sam Oosterhoff and others, the news that Alabama and a host of other states were passing tight abortion restrictions has set the defenders of Canada’s no-holds-barred feticide regime on edge. A handful of activists decided to host a “Demonstration Against Abortion Abolition” at Queen’s Park, emphasizing to potential attendees that all signage had to be inclusive, since men can now get pregnant, too.

Nearby, pro-life activist had set up their own display at the Queen’s Park TTC in order to converse with commuters, and fantastic conversations ensued (one of the protestors said that speaking with the pro-life activists was frustrating because “they are so well-trained” and as such advised disruption over conversation.) The abortion activists, of course, were not interested in dialogue. Their signs included slogans such as “Get Dat Fetus, Kill Dat Fetus”; “Hail Satan: Abort Everyone” and “Ruth Ford Should Have Made the Right Choice and Aborted Rob and Doug,” among others.

For those wondering where “Get Dat Fetus, Kill Dat Fetus” comes from, it is a reference to a song from a Netflix show (I won’t link to it, as it contains blasphemy.) To give you a taste of what Canada’s abortion protestors are like, here’s a sample line from that song:

And sometimes I do have doubts and it’s hard to sleep
I think about my child’s heartbeat and oh it makes me weep
I hope and pray to God my little fetus has a soul
Because I want it to feel pain when I eject it from my hole

Despite the fact that the Demonstration Against Abortion Abolition stated that it wanted to “address all gendered and racialized violence,” it ironically ended with a white pro-choice male sexually harassing racialized pro-life women while the crowd of abortion activists cheered him on. A guy and a girl—Grzegorz Jurkiew and Abby Goldman—began to expose themselves to the pro-lifers, with Jurkiew dropping his pants in front of Michelle of Toronto Right to Life and Samia (in the video, the girl in the hijab.) Goldman had apparently written “ABORT THIS” across her backside, so the stunt had been thought out well in advance. One can only imagine what the media reaction would be if it was a pro-life male dropping his pants in front of pro-choice women.

And once again, those advocating abortion have managed to put the ugliness and crudeness of their worldview on display for all to see.

5 thoughts on “Pro-choice man sexually harasses pro-life women while crowd cheers

  1. Chris Kassel says:

    The above two comments say it all. One is violence, the other is illegal exhibitionism. Both felonies.

  2. Shaune Scott says:

    Some people have a darkness in their souls. I think that darkness was on full display in these pictures.

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