The mainstream media is teaming up with celebrities to normalize transgenderism

By Jonathon Van Maren

Since Trump’s election, the Left has embarked on a new mantra: “This isn’t normal.” If we get used to all of this–the ignorant and petulant tweets, the erratic behavior, the knee-jerk responses to criticism—then, they warn us, we are going to eventually get warmed up some form of fascism like the proverbial boiled frog.

I’m actually sympathetic to the idea that we should be careful not to get used to politics as reality television, and I understand why conservative commentators like George Will are repulsed by the lack of decorum and civility that seems to be driving our politics today. I also happen to agree with him that it is bad for the United States of America

But I also think that the Left is attempting to distract us. While they howl about the latest stupid Trump tweets, they are embarking on their own campaign of normalization: They are attempting to push the very new idea that gender is fluid and that men and women can swap genders if they choose to down everybody’s throat. Consider the way The Daily Mirror dealt with the former Bruce Jenner’s ongoing delusions:

Caitlyn Jenner is reportedly feeling so broody that she is considering using a surrogate to become a mum at the age of 70. She is currently in a relationship with 22-year-old Sophia Hutchens, who is also transgender. The couple’s relationship has gone from strength to strength since they were first spotted together in 2017, although the pair have never officially confirmed their romance.

Caitlyn, 69, has six biological children, four step kids and 14 grandchildren, but seems ready to become a parent again in a different capacity. Caitlyn has 14 grandchildren and the arrival of new babies in the family has allegedly made her broody

Speaking to Closer magazine, a source said: “Caitlyn and Sophia have spoken about starting a family together for the last year or so, and while Caitlyn’s already got ten children, she’s never had the chance to bring a child up in the role of a mother, which she’s always dreamed of doing.” The source also claims that Sophia has always wanted to be a mum too, with the pair deciding on getting a surrogate to make their long-held dreams of motherhood come true.

Caitlyn very publicly fell out with ex-wife Kris and step-daughters Kim, Kourtney and Khloe, following the release of her tell-all book ‘The Secrets Of My Life.’ While tensions remain high between the former couple, who are parents to daughters Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Khloe recently confirmed that the girls had built bridges with Caitlyn, and even described Sophia as “really sweet”.

However, it is reported that Caitlyn’s baby dreams were met with frostiness from her daughters, who feel that she may be being pressured by her partner, who is almost 50 years younger. Kim famously hired a surrogate to carry her two youngest children Chicago and Psalm. The source claimed that Kim has been extremely helpful and the only member of the Kardashian and Jenner clan who has supported Caitlyn’s surrogacy dreams so far.

You’ll notice that the media reports these stories as if the transgender ideology were 100% true. They use the pronouns the trans activists demand, they say ludicrous things like “Caitlyn Jenner is getting broody,” and they ignore the fact that beyond how insane the entire situation is, surrogacy is simply the rich hiring the poor to gestate their own children (and is a repulsive manifestation of commodity culture too boot). There’s also the fact that Jenner is dating somebody a half-century younger than himself, which surely we can all agree is very creepy. You might be tempted to say that celebrities have always lived debauched lives, and you’d be largely right. But it is important to note that politics is downstream from culture, and articles like this one show the powerful fusion of media and celebrity combining to push the idea that this is all normal.

It’s not just Jenner, of course. Many celebrities are coming out to push the latest manifestation of the LGBTQ ideology (Charlize Theron is infamously raising one of her children transgender.) And then there was this recently, from the Daily Mail:

Cross-dressing comedian Eddie Izzard has asked to be called a ‘she’. Previously, Izzard has refused to be pinned down on gender, describing an identity that is ‘somewhat boyish and somewhat girlish’. But Izzard, 57, asked to be identified as female for an honorary degree awarded by Swansea University on Thursday.

A university spokesman said ‘we were asked by Eddie to use her/she pronouns in the press release.’  The ceremony’s press release uses female pronouns to celebrate Izzard’s career, saying: ‘In 2009 she completed 43 marathons in 51 days… She has been a Labour party activist for most of her life… She twice attempted to be elected for a seat on Labour’s National Executive.’

Izzard identified as a transvestite on rising to prominence in the 80s, but more recently has preferred to use the term ‘transgender’. Last night Izzard told The Mail on Sunday: ‘When I’m in girl mode I am happy to be known as “she” and when I’m in boy-mode, I am happy to be known as “he”. But I am equally happy to be referred to as Eddie or “Hey mate”.’

You’ll notice, again, what is being pushed here: The idea that people can have a “girl mode” or a “boy mode,” and that we must all play along when the “mode” switches, whatever that means. Or this, from The Telegraph, on author David Thompson, who is “living as a man” but transitioning—he’s writing entire columns about “his new breasts” while attempting to mainstream the idea that this is all very normal, and that we should all pretend that this is not brand new.

It is tempting to simply ignore all of this. Celebrities doing crazy things and the media faithfully covering said things with bated breath is hardly news. But it is important to note that what is happening here is a very well-thought-out campaign of normalization. First, you think it is nuts to see major newspapers and TV networks using phrases like “his breasts” and “her penis” and referring to one of America’s most talented male athletes as a female. Then, you shrug it off. And pretty soon, it is the new normal. That’s how it worked with same-sex marriage (every TV sitcom and nearly every Hollywood blockbuster carefully including characters that normalized relationships earlier generations of Americans would have found scandalous), and that is how it is working this time around, too.

The Left is right to point out that we should be careful what we accept as our “new normal.” I just think that Trump’s trainwreck Twitter account are the very least of our worries.


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