A few thoughts on the birth of our son

By Jonathon Van Maren

A child is an ordinary miracle, and I am thrilled to announce that my wife Charmaine and I were blessed with the arrival of a second one, a little boy to join our gorgeous little girl. He is already loved by his parents, his extended family, many friends, and his big sister, who sensed that the interloper was a ruse to distract her from coloring (her most recent obsession). It has been one of the greatest privileges of my life to get to know our first feisty one, and we are looking forward to seeing who our little boy is, too. So far, he is simply content to sleep as long as he is in close proximity to his mother.

Those of you who read my column regularly will know that I spend quite a bit of time analyzing and reporting on the cultural decline that we see unfolding all around us, as we lustily trash everything from morality to reality. (Two or three generations without God, and we cannot even tell the difference between a girl and a boy anymore.) But I was reminded that there are still incredible blessings that we have today which did not exist for our grandparents. When our daughter was born, my wife lost a lot of blood and had to be rushed from the delivery room for emergency surgery. Fifty years ago, the doctor told me, she may not have survived the hemorrhaging. A century ago, it would have been fatal. There are moments when I am unbelievably glad to live now, in this time.


One thought on “A few thoughts on the birth of our son

  1. Rebecca says:

    Congratulations! We enjoy reading your columns and are encouraged by the number of Christians having children around us. God is good and we are raising up warriors for His Kingdom as they are slaying their innocents to their destruction. We pray for their little ones and ours, as we move ahead fulfilling the great commission.

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