Man who raped and murdered a 13-year-old girl now identifies as transgender and is getting transferred to a female prison

By Jonathon Van Maren

There were, understandably, quite a few readers who read my column last week on a convicted pedophile who was released after identifying as a woman with no small measure of incredulousness. The story seems unbelievable, and even though I cited multiple other examples of similar incidents, some people simply do not believe that the transgender phenomenon can lead to this level of cultural insanity.

Unfortunately, another example of this new reality turned up in the Toronto Sun only a few days later in a story broken by Brad Hunter. Convicted child sex killer Michael Williams, a “psychopathic” and “horrendous” murderer who earned the nickname “Pyro” after attempting to set a dying victim on fire, has discovered the fact that he, like many other male prisoners convicted of brutal crimes against women, can play the transgender card—and our government and prison authorities will literally be obligated by their ideology to treat him as a woman.


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