How the trans movement weaponized the media against J.K. Rowling

By Jonathon Van Maren

Much has been written about the J.K. Rowling row over the past several weeks. I contributed several columns summarizing the situation myself. Before leaving this story behind, I’d like to make a final observation that highlights just how successful the transgender movement has been in recent years.

It is clear that, almost without exception, the media went to war against the phenomenally famous author of Harry Potter.

This is important for several reasons. Many people seem not to have noticed (another indicator of just how swift the trans takeover of media has been), but almost every headline on J.K. Rowling’s statement on transgenderism has assumed that she was wrong. Despite the fact that Rowling emphasizes over and over again in her 3,500 word public statement on transgenderism that she supports some people transitioning and is not transphobic and is very pro-LGBT, the media reported on her statements not only as a heresy, but as a self-evident heresy.

Some day I hope an enterprising journalist tells the story of how trans activists managed to get the entire mainstream media to sign on to their agenda and begin obediently using phrases such as “sex assigned at birth” and “her penis” and “his breasts.” The response to J.K. Rowling’s critique of the more radical aspects of the trans agenda prove that the media transition from news reporting to LGBT enforcer was lightning fast — so fast, in fact, that most people cannot pinpoint exactly when it happened.


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