Academics are laying the groundwork for the removal of parental rights

By Jonathon Van Maren

For decades, social conservatives have laughed off the craziest ideas emanating from the ivory towers of universities. Campuses were always out of touch; they were packed with liberals; they didn’t represent the real world. And all of that was true. But as it turns out, academics were playing the long game. They were playing for the culture.

As it turns out, the ideas that germinate at the universities often end up on the streets, in the classrooms, and dictating the agendas of those who walk the halls of power (think Critical Race Theory; neo-Marxism; queer theory). When academics propose ideas, we should perhaps squint at them more closely rather than simply laughing at them. They’re laying the groundwork.

Progressives have long been frustrated by the presence of homeschooling communities and private schools because they believe they have a right to educate your children with their worldview. A Harvard professor recently proposed banning homeschooling in order to reduce the influence of “conservative Christians,” and many governments are beginning to demand that Christian schools include LGBTQ sex education (or else).


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