The abortion industry has created the very back alleys it so ominously warned about

By Jonathon Van Maren

As LifeSiteNews journalist Calvin Freiburger reported yesterday, the FDA has just reversed a ban on mail-order abortion drugs, eliminating the requirements for in-person consultations or medical supervision. The abortion industry had previously sued the Trump Administration over the ban; the Supreme Court ruled in January that the rule could be upheld. Unsurprisingly, the Biden administration is giving the industry what they want.

Abortion entrepreneurs expecting this move had already swung into action. Abortion on Demand (AOD), a tele-abortion service that plans to provide abortion pills to women in twenty states and the American capital, launched on April 13.

Founder Dr. Jamie Phifer told Marie Claire that the service hopes to make feticide more easily accessible — and at the cheap price of only $239 per abortion. The drugs come with a video call and can be used up to 56 days gestation. Phifer insists that this is “safer than Tylenol.”

In the U.K., widespread use of abortion drugs has resulted in women taking the pills when they are much further along, with at least one woman investigated by police for the murder of a newborn after taking abortion drugs.


One thought on “The abortion industry has created the very back alleys it so ominously warned about

  1. Navi says:

    Given the prospect of women being poisoned with mifepristone or otherwise coerced into having the abortion, which will surely become more prevalent now that the abortion industry got exactly what it wanted, it’s truly remarkable that “pro-choice” medical professionals are so hostile to doctors that try to help these women.

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