The Pro-Life Guys: All About the Abortion Pill

Check this out, from my colleagues Pieter Bos and Cameron Cote of The Pro-Life Guys podcast. They’ve been consistently producing very good stuff. Their description:

The abortion industry is pushing for one of the largest expansions of abortion that we have ever seen, and that through the abortion pill. Today we sit down to talk to Alison Centofante from Live Action to discuss the rise of this DIY abortion pill, how it works, and the side affects that women experience.

One thought on “The Pro-Life Guys: All About the Abortion Pill

  1. Jason T says:

    I’ve been listening to the Pro-Life Guys podcast content for a while now and really like them. This was a solid conversation and something that people need to be aware of. Thank you for sharing it, Jonathon.

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