Biden Administration may force states to allow biological males into girls’ sports

As conservative states move to protect girls sports’—Florida became the eighth state to ban biological males from competing in female competitions on June 1—the Biden Administration is pushing back. U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona told ESPN that biological boys who identify as girls have “a right to complete,” and that the Biden Administration may take steps to force states to comply with the transgender agenda. From ESPN:

“I do believe in local control. I do believe in state control, but we do have a responsibility to protect the civil rights of students. And if we feel the civil rights are being violated, we will act,” Cardona said. “Our LGBTQ students have endured more harassment than most other groups. It’s critically important that we stand with them and give them opportunities to engage in what every other child can engage in without harassment.”

Cardona was the commissioner of education in Connecticut prior to joining President Joe Biden’s cabinet and said his experience there “strengthened my resolve” to stand behind transgender athletes.

“It’s their right as a student to participate in these activities. And we know sports does more than just put ribbons on the first-, second- and third-place winner,” he said. “We know that it provides opportunities for students to become a part of a team, to learn a lot about themselves, to set goals and reach them and to challenge themselves. Athletics provides that in our K-12 systems and in our colleges, and all students deserve an opportunity to engage in that.”

In short: If the Biden Administration gets its way, biological boys will compete against girls in female competitions. Girls will lose out on opportunities designated for girls. But “fair” means something different in Biden’s world, and so girls will again be collateral damage for the transgender movement.

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