Parents battle school boards over trans ideology, Britney Spears (and other stories)

A roundup of news from around the interwebs.


On the heels of a judge ruling that Argentina’s legalization of abortion was unconstitutional, another judge has nullified that decision with a counter-ruling. In short, Argentina’s new abortion regime will likely end up being adjudicated by the highest court in the land.


My friend John Jalsevac has a wonderful essay on the conservatism of Robert Frost over at The Utopian Idiot. If you’re a fan of Frost, or poetry, or conservatism, give it a read.


Parents are increasingly pushing back against Critical Race Theory (CRT) and gender ideology. After making statements critical of these agendas, a school board in Loudon County, Virginia actually cut the mics, prematurely ended the meeting, and had the meeting declared an unlawful assembly after some parents continued giving remarks after they’d left. Give the video a watch—it’s an intense moment.


The BBC has reported that Gibraltar has voted to relax her abortion laws:

The tiny British territory has some of the harshest abortion laws in Europe – the penalty for breaching the law is life imprisonment. Voters backed relaxing the rules to allow abortions where a woman’s mental or physical health is at risk or when foetuses have fatal physical defects. Some 62% voted to change the law, with 36% voting against.

A real shame.


Sesame Street, the classic educational children’s show, is now featuring a family with two dads. Very soon, there will be no part of “children’s entertainment” that does not include the Pride agenda.


Regular readers will know that I rarely cover pop culture news, but the breaking stories that pop star Britney Spears had an IUD inside her against her will were genuinely stunning—and a throwback to a dark period of America’s past. From The Daily Signal:

Britney’s assertion that those in control of her life refuse to allow her to remove an IUD is particularly disturbing and calls to mind the dark days of the eugenics movement in the United States, which ran rampant throughout the 20th century. In California, where Britney resides, more than 20,000 people, judged to be “defective,” were forcibly sterilized by the state between 1909 and 1963.

Programs like this existed in more than 30 states. State-sponsored compulsory or coerced sterilizations targeted the mentally and physically disabled as well as the poor, uneducated, immigrants, and minorities.   

Perhaps the infamous case of this era was Buck v. Bell. This case centered on a 17-year-old Virginia girl, Carrie Buck, who was raped and became pregnant. The state insisted that Carrie was sexually promiscuous, “feebleminded,” and should be forcibly sterilized. The fact that she was young, poor, and uneducated made it hard for her to fight back. In court, Dr. Albert Priddy testified, “These people belong to the shiftless, ignorant, and worthless class of anti-social whites of the South.”

When Carrie’s 6-month-old baby was judged to be “below average” by a sociologist from the Eugenics Records Office, the state of Virginia ordered that Carrie be sterilized. On appeal, the case went to the United States Supreme Court, which sided with the state. Later reports indicate Carrie was of normal intelligence and, after her marriage, regretted that she was unable to have more children.

Read the whole thing. I do not know how it can be legal for men to force a woman to keep an IUD in her body against her will in the United States of America. Truly unbelievable.


The Leicester Fire Brigade has published a handy list of LGBT flags. If you want a glimpse of what decadence looks like, check it out. One of the flags—I’m not kidding—is for “master/slave pride.” You couldn’t make this up, and you wouldn’t want to.


This is what a low-trust society looks like. According to a recent survey by the Reuters Institute, the United States ranks last out of 46 countries with regard to trust in the media. There was a very brief moment after Trump’s 2016 victory when the media asked itself hard questions about what they’d missed. And then, they were off tilting at Russian collusion windmills. No lesson learned.


More soon.


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