WATCH: Spa staff approve man claiming to be woman exposing his genitals to young girls

By Jonathon Van Maren

June 30, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — If you’d like an idea of where the trans revolution is taking us, give this video a watch. It features a hostile altercation at the Wi Spa in Los Angeles, in which an angry woman confronts spa staff about a biological male who walked into the women’s section of the spa with his penis exposed — in front of both women and young girls. Because he identified as a woman, the spa staff states that he has the right to be there — after all, if he identifies a woman, by California law he is a woman — and the genitals he’s exposing constitute a “female penis.”

The woman demands to know why it is okay for a man to “show his penis around other women, young little girls, underage — your spa condones that? Is that what you’re saying?” The employee confirms that it is the law. The woman is clearly livid, stating that she doesn’t care “about sexual orientation — I see a d***! It lets me know he’s a man! He is a man! He’s not no female. He is not a female.” She repeats this several times, and then tells the staffers that other women “are highly offended by what they just saw.”


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