Sports Illustrated’s new transgender cover model is the latest harbinger of our confusing future

By Jonathon Van Maren

Everywhere you look these days, the transgender movement is sending the culture a message: Anything girls can do, biological men identifying as girls can do better. Trans athletes are killing it at track meets. They’re breaking heads in mixed martial arts. They’re destroying in wrestling matches. They’re winning beauty pageants. One of them even won Glamour Magazine’s Woman of the Year.

Now, a transgender model has landed the cornerstone of the male soft-core porn industry: the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. One a lowbrow mag found largely in the lockers of teenage boys – this is before ubiquitous digital porn made the photo spreads seem quaint – Sports Illustrated, too, has gone woke. The swimsuit issue this year is titled “Opening Eyes, Speaking Truths and Changing Minds” and features three covers, one with rapper Megan Thee Stallion, one with tennis star Naomi Osaka, and one with transgender activist Leyna Bloom (a man).

This isn’t the first time Sports Illustrated has featured a transgender person – that distinction belongs to Valentina Sampaio, a post-op Brazilian man identifying as female. Like Bloom, he very much looks female. Surgery, cosmetic alterations, and airbrushing have ensured that these men – unlike most men identifying as women – actually look quite feminine.



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