Here’s how the public education system will poison your children

By Jonathon Van Maren

The transgender movement has hijacked Canadian public education and is promoting incredibly dangerous frameworks of understanding about gender to increasingly radical educators, teachers, and parents. Most people remain unaware of these programs and their implications. Thousands of parents have discovered, to their horror, that their children have been persuaded by public education, propaganda, and Internet personalities that they are actually inhabiting the wrong body.

Consider Feelings First, an initiative of the BC Healthy Child Development Alliance, in partnership with the Provincial Health Services Authority, the BC Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions, and Child Health BC. This list of sponsors is indicative of the fact that the transgender movement has colonized the entire infrastructure of government and education almost overnight.

Feelings First says that their children may instinctively know they are transgender before they can talk: “Your child may begin to explore their gender identity early on in life. This can be expressed in numerous ways, and these expressions may change over time.”

Pre-verbal children, however, are not just exploring—according to Feelings First, they may be both exploring and telling parents something about their gender identity through “words, appearance, toys, games, & sports, social relationships.” In other words, a little boy or little girl could reveal that they are actually the opposite sex without ever saying so, simply by engaging in stereotypical play or activities generally associated with the opposite sex.

Feelings First describes itself as “a campaign to introduce important concepts around Social and Emotional Development in the early years, to parents and caregivers across British Columbia. It is brought to you by the BC Healthy Child Development Alliance – a partnership of organizations that share a common interest in supporting healthy child development in the province. We encourage you to learn more about the many organizations that are here to support you and contact us with any questions you may have. We are all in this together.”

“Feelings first” is the perfect slogan for this movement. Not so very long ago, we recognized that our feelings could not change reality. Now, it is the other way around—and the full force of the state is behind you if you want to ensure that everyone recognizes your version of reality. Thus, we as a culture have been introduced to phrases such as “her penis” and “his breasts.” Feelings first, everyone—or else.

Another program, this one in Ontario, is called the “Gegi Project,” Gegi being the name of an LGBT unicorn. “The goal of is to equip all Ontario students and teachers—whether transgender or cisgender—with the tools to advocate for the right to express and live their gender in their own way without experiencing discrimination, harassment, or violence, and without being told they have to change. Recognizing that gender expression and gender identity have been protected grounds in the Ontario Human Rights Code since 2012, indirectly supports schools in learning how their structures, practices, and curricula may have to change.”

Did you catch that? This group is ensuring that every bit of Ontario’s public education curriculum is line with gender ideology. If parents protest when their children get swept away by this ideology—a common occurrence in Canada—schools can intervene against the parents or assist transition without their knowledge. The state can then force parents to call their sons daughters and their daughters, sons and to assent to their physical transition—after introducing these children to the ideas in the first place. Gegi’s unicorn is a totalitarian, and he wants you to know that the law is on the side of trans activists: will be an online knowledge mobilization hub created by Dr. Kyle Kirkup (Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa), Dr. Lee Airton (Faculty of Education, Queen’s University), and their research team. The goal of is to provide legal information on gender expression human rights issues, with the goal of realizing an expansive view of the ground’s applicability. Human rights tribunals across Canada have rendered decisions that rely on tribunal members’ interpretations of whether or not a claimant is transgender, which may run counter to expansive interpretive approaches conferred on rights conferring instruments, and which ultimately subsume gender expression under gender identity.

Recognizing that gender expression is a new ground in the Ontario Human Rights Code (added in 2012),’s resources will provide legal information on ‘gender expression’ decisions that predates the passage of Toby’s Act. For legal professionals representing clients who are claiming gender expression discrimination, will provide educational materials in support of the ground’s expansive interpretation. For legal professionals working in institutions, will provide educational materials on how institutions might proactively change policies and procedures to better accord with the new human rights law environment. For embers of the public interested pursuing a gender expression human rights claim, will provide legal information.

By “expansive view,” these professors mean that the law should always err on the side of someone’s subjective gender identity. This means that trans rights should supersede parental rights, religious liberty, freedom of association, and who knows what else. This is a fundamental legal realignment, backed by legal scholars, educators, and government officials and fueled by an ecosystem of programs and initiatives designed to enact this agenda. All of this is being done while the majority of parents remain unaware of the severity and scale of the transgender agenda—and how it will impact their children.

Parents need to protect their children from this agenda. Know what your children are viewing on the Internet. Do not give them smartphones. Be aware of what they are being taught and what curriculum they are being exposed to. And if at all possible, do not put them in the public education system. The consequences, for many families, have been tragic.



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