Can toddlers be transgender?

By Jonathon Van Maren

It has become the norm now to survey the news and discover some new paradigm-smashing development on the gender front. I’ve covered many of those stories in this space; last week the CDC rolled out a long list of woke terminology that is needed to replace a battery of other words. “Mother,” of course, has to go. In fact, when Senator James Lankford grilled Biden administration health secretary Xavier Becerra about why the phrase “birthing person” needed to replace “mother,” he froze and stumbled through his answer. 

But the most horrifying story on the gender front recently is from The Mirror. Jess Bratton, a mother of two children, is claiming that her three-year-old son Logan actually tried to cut off his genitals. This, Bratton says, along with the fact that her boy plays with dolls and “had always been keen to see how [his] mom and younger sister dressed,” convinced her that Logan was a “girl.” The Mirror is obviously convinced as well, using female pronouns for the young boy.

Bratton, who is 25, said that she one day found her son allegedly “holding a pair of scissors” to remove his genitalia, which she said “made me realize the severity of the situation. It wasn’t just a phase; my little boy really did want to be a girl.” 

There is a lack of context to all of this. Plenty of little boys play with dolls, especially if they happen to have older sisters that they play with. We used to understand that this didn’t mean anything. Bratton also presented the awful scissors incident without context — kids frequently do stupid things at three years old — and I can’t help but wonder if, thirty or forty years ago, Bratton would have immediately assumed that this event was an indication that her son was actually a “girl.” I very, very much doubt it. 


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