Pro-LGBT academics don’t want debate–they want submission

By Jonathon Van Maren

With the long march through the institutions complete, pro-LGBTQetc academics are no longer interested in debating their claims. They are interested in forcing submission from everyone, and censoring and punishing those that refuse to play along.

Exhibit A is a recent opinion column on Canada’s state broadcaster, the CBC, written by one Charlotte Dalwood. Dalwood is a juris doctor student at the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Law and, based on this profile shot, obviously transgender.

Dalwood has written a truly ludicrous column claiming that there is a sinister and “increasingly public campaign underway to strip transgender Canadians of their constitutional and human rights.” As such, says Dalwood, the “newly re-elected Liberal government needs to make countering it a priority.”

Dalwood admits at the outset that “Canada’s gender minorities currently benefit from a wealth of legal protections.” Indeed, Canada is one of the most transgender-friendly countries in the world. But according to Dalwood, dark clouds are gathering on the horizon:

But these protections are under attack.

Across the country, anti-transgender rights advocates are trying to convince Canadians that guaranteeing equality to gender minorities is not only unconstitutional, but it also discriminates against and harms cisgender women — that is, women who were assigned female at birth. And their misinformation campaign, disguised as a defense of women’s “sex-based rights,” has become especially intense in the past year.


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