Why Matt Walsh’s face-off with trans activists on Dr. Phil was so important

By Jonathon Van Maren

Anyone on conservative Twitter will have seen video clips this week of Daily Wire host Matt Walsh’s face-off with several transgender activists on Dr. Phil. Both claimed to be “non-binary”–one was a bearded fellow with long hair, makeup, and nail polish, while photos of the other flashing across the screen showed chest scars that seem to indicate a post-sex change female–and both were there to educate the crowd as to why their new and improved version of reality should be accepted by society. Ethan, the fellow in drag, spoke in a deliberately soothing voice, as if to assure everyone that the incredibly radical things he was saying are completely normal.

Matt Walsh brought the entire charade to a crashing halt by asking Ethan a single question: “What is a woman? Can you tell me what a woman is?”

“No, I can’t,” Ethan said. “Because it’s not for me to say. Womanhood looks different for everybody.”

“You stood up here and said, ‘Trans women are women.’ What is a woman?” Walsh shot back.

They continue to go back and forth in this vein until Walsh is accused of wanting to “reduce men down to our genitals, our chromosomes.”

“No,” Walsh replied. “What you want to do is appropriate womanhood, and turn it into, basically, a costume that could be worn.”

Here are several of the exchanges on Dr. Phil between trans activists, Matt Walsh, and an enraged parent whose daughter had been exposed to gender ideology at school:

Anyone who watched this show or the clips circulating on social media later knew that this was a disaster for trans activists. Most people do not believe that gender is fluid. Most people are upset by the idea that biological boys can go into the girls’ bathroom. Most people don’t care if folks like Ethan want to dress in drag and play make-believe with the English language, but they do not want the sort of babble Ethan was spouting on Dr. Phil taught to their kids. Matt Walsh exposed both the insanity of transgender claims as well as the danger their agenda poses to America and to children more generally.

Many people are confused by everything going on right now, but they know this: If someone both a) claims to be a woman and b) cannot tell you what a woman is, these are not people that should be listened to. Unfortunately, right across the West, these are the folks writing policy.

Ethan and his…partner or whatever, recognized almost immediately that they’d done a terrible job on Dr. Phil. (Or, more accurately, they truthfully conveyed the bumbling mess that is their ideology.) They promptly took to social media to do what trans activists do best: Cry-bullying, or using victimhood as a method of attack. “Break the Binary” tweeted: “Since the taping, Ethan and I have been experiencing a heightened level of anxiety to the point that we’ve had numerous nightmares and depression spirals over the last month…We left feeling attacked.” Walsh, it seems, was the aggressor for…asking them to define their terms in an important debate.

I suspect that the trans activists know that this Dr. Phil appearance, which will be seen by millions, is a disaster for their cause because Walsh effectively exposed both the bankruptcy of their ideology but also the damage they are willing to inflict on girls and women to force society to play along with their beliefs (from bathrooms and change rooms to sports leagues.) Matt Walsh responded to his accusers in a brilliant video that everyone should watch, and share widely. These activists are consciously trying to do awful things, and they should be called on it:





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