Ontario Human Rights Tribunal rules that Grade 1 students can be taught that there is no such thing as boys and girls (& other stories)

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Trans activists are behaving precisely as you’d expect them to. From the aptly named Vice:

Trans activists left over 60 bottles of piss outside the offices of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) on Friday afternoon to protest the government watchdog’s policy on trans access to public facilities. Masked representatives of the anonymous group Pissed Off Trannies (POT) ceremonially delivered the urine to the EHRC offices in Westminster, London and staged what they described as a “piss-in”. One member pissed herself in her bejewelled gown, before pouring bottles of urine on herself and the pavement outside the building, all the while shouting: “The EHRC has blood on its hands and piss on its streets”.

The activist, speaking to VICE on the condition of anonymity, described the dramatic action as “an extreme version of the public embarrassment that trans people experience on a daily basis, using the toilet that either doesn’t fit with their gender or using the one that does, and then facing the backlash of people’s judgement”.

Read the whole thing if you feel like it. Not, I’m sure you’ll agree, ladylike behavior.


One of Hollywood’s more prominent abortion activists, Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, has revealed that when she became pregnant several years ago she’d intended to have an abortion before miscarrying—and that she has fallen out with her family over their conservative views and Roe v. Wade. Publicly excoriating family for supporting the right to life of children in the womb—tragic on so many levels. What a cesspool Hollywood is.


The “transabled” phenomenon is just getting its legs beneath it. The German media reports that a former male bank manager is now living life as a woman in a wheelchair. Pretty soon we’ll be hearing new demands: “Push me, bigot.” How far can they push this?


Here is yet another gut-wrenching video on what gender surgeons are doing to children:


From earlier this month: “California Senate passes radical pro-abortion bill ‘effectively legalizing infanticide’.” There are two Americas. One embraces child sacrifice with an absolutely chilling fervor.


Watch this. Louise Perry, author of the brilliant new book The Case Against the Sexual Revolution (which I reviewed here), recently posted it to Twitter. It basically encapsulates her thesis—that the sexual revolution has made women miserable:


At RNS, Charlie Camosy once again reminds everyone that many, many pro-lifers are not white—contrary to what the mainstream narrative would have you believe.


Canada continues its journey into the twilight zone. From the National Post:

When a Grade One teacher at an Ottawa elementary school told her class about gender fluidity and that there was no such thing as boys and girls, Pam Buffone’s daughter was left confused and unsettled, the mother says. She and her husband eventually complained to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, alleging the school had discriminated against the six-year-old based on her sex and gender identity.

But a tribunal adjudicator has just ruled the Ottawa public-school board did not violate the girl’s rights with its gender-themed instruction, saying there was no direct evidence she was harmed by the material. It may mark the first legal ruling in Canada on what has become — in the United States at least — a hot-button issue: the appropriateness of teaching primary-aged school children about gender identity.

Adjudicator Eva Nichols focused her decision on whether the girl had been the victim of discrimination. But she also said the changes the parents want in schools would run counter to the provincial Human Rights Code, policies of the Human Rights Commission and case law of the tribunal.

“It is clear that what (the girl’s) parents are seeking was not a clarification or correction for their daughter, but systemic changes to the school board’s policy and to an educational system that in their opinion should not allow such concepts as ‘gender fluidity’ to be addressed in the classroom.”

Read the whole thing.


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