The media has become the propaganda arm for the transgender movement

By Jonathon Van Maren

Why is our society suffering through such an existential crisis of authority? That’s a question with many long answers. One short one: the media have decided to voluntarily relinquish any credibility they might have by serving as the propaganda arm for the transgender movement, pushing absurd premises and obviously false headlines and stories on people who know they are lying.

In fact, the media not only serve as a propaganda arm, but actually police the boundaries of acceptable conversation aggressively, attacking those who step out of line. When a teenage girl recently talked about how she was traumatized by seeing a nude man in the changing room at the YMCA, this is how the media responded:

To recap: Two male reporters responded to a teen girl’s discomfort with a male in her changeroom with Male One saying, “She says she’s a woman, period. That’s where it ends.” Male Two responds: “Absolutely.”

The gentlemen of the press, everyone.

It has fallen to independent journalists, for example, to cover how schools are indoctrinating children into LGBT ideology and even helping them “transition” while hiding that from their parents. And how does the media respond to this independent coverage? With stories like this one: “These School Bans On Pride Flags Should Freak All Of Us Out.” Yeah, that’s what should freak all of us out – not kids getting sex changes, or four-year-olds being taught what “non-binary” is, but this: “The rainbow flag is not a dangerous tool to push a political agenda, but a symbol of inclusion that indicates to LGBTQ kids that they are safe.” This is Pravda-level stuff.


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