Canadian media interviews drag queen on parental objections to trans teacher

By Jonathon Van Maren

After months of dedicated work by concerned parents, disturbed students, and common-sense citizens, the international scandal of Canada’s buxom transgender public fetishist and shop teacher appears to be winding down, with the school board (extremely belatedly) deciding to put in place a professional standards code while of course bending over backward to affirm their total, unquestioning, and fervent commitment to the transgender movement. The story, which was covered by media outlets around the world, was approached with enormous solemnity by most of Canada’s media  if you wanted to get a saner perspective, you generally had to rely on alternative sources. 

It is worth re-emphasizing the sheer extent to which Canada’s mainstream media carries water for the trans activists in this country. Mercedes Stephenson of Global News, for example, interviewed drag queen Kyne Santos on the subject. Stephenson wanted to know what the drag queen thought of the controversies that swirled around incidents like “the trans teacher in Ontario  she wore a breastplate to school with very large, prosthetic breasts and this sort of became this defining moment. You’re teaching math to kids online  what message would you want to send to parents?” 


Santos, who makes TikTok videos about math while in drag and is best known for competing on Canada’s Drag Race, had a response at the ready.


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