Transgender insanity has increasingly horrifying real-world consequences

The decadence of our elites has become so pronounced it is hard not to see the moment we are living through as the end of a civilization.

Dylan Mulvaney, the famous gay man cosplaying as a female social media influencer who recently tanked Bud Light, is now launching a college speaking tour where he will speak about “female empowerment.” He will be charging $40,000 in speaking fees. The scale of the grift is epic – a man playing a woman in public is not only accepted as a woman by the elites and those too cowed to point out the obvious, but is actually fleecing his credulous public to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars to tell people how women can be empowered. You couldn’t make this stuff up. You wouldn’t want to. 

Men identifying as women are achieving new heights for their new gender all of the time, as it turns out – and not just in sports, where they frequently dominate for obvious reasons. A screenshot of an article on Martine Rothblatt was making the rounds on Twitter again this week, announcing: “America’s highest-paid female CEO was born a man.” Rothblatt had sex change surgeries back in 1994 – long before it was fêted as a human right – and remained married to his wife, who, according to the ideology, abruptly found herself in a same-sex “marriage” long before it was legal. 

Every time the public is once again told to play along, moral permission is granted to this farce. People are being told they must believe the ideologues and not their own eyes. It’s going to get much, much weirder in the days ahead, as well. I’ve heard directly from educators that some students in Canada have begun to identify as animals. And there’s this, from the New York Post:

The dog days are just beginning for this man. A Japanese native has transformed himself into a canine after forking out more than $14,000 for a custom-made collie costume. The private citizen, who goes only by Toco online, says the unusual garment has helped actualize his dream of ‘becoming an animal.’ Footage shared to Toco’s YouTube channel, where he boasts more than 32,000 subscribers, shows him clad in the costume as he frolics on a lawn, rolls on a floor, and plays fetch.

The decadence of the elites might be easy to shrug off – but there are plenty of people who cannot escape the horrifying real-world consequences of all this. Consider the story of transgender activist and triple murderer Dana Rivers, who previously went by the name David Chester Warfield, has been placed in a women’s prison and has now been accused of “preying on inmates.” Rivers, who openly brags about receiving “special treatment” due to California’s transgender prison policies, shot and stabbed lesbian couple Charlotte Reed and Patricia Wright to death, and then shot and killed their 19-year-old adopted son Benny Diambu-Wright in November 2016. The judge who sentenced Rivers stated that the murders were “the most depraved crime I ever handled in the criminal justice system in 33 years.” But Rivers’ transgender identity outweighed all of that. 

It is the most vulnerable threatened by the luxury beliefs of our elites – prisoners, women denied their own spaces, and young people captured by an ideology with ugly consequences. Some of the headlines on this unfolding tragedy almost defy belief. From Evie Magazine: “18-Year-Old Boy Died After Doctors Tried To Create A Vagina From Part Of His Colon.” From the article: 

A 2016 medical article reveals details about an 18-year-old boy’s death due to complications that arose from a gender-affirming surgery, as reported by The Post Millennial. This paper was part of a linchpin Dutch study that laid the groundwork for child sex change operations. The boy was given puberty blockers at a young age because he claimed that he was truly a girl. These medications resulted in a lack of penile tissue developing in his body, which was the reason that surgeons removed part of his colon in order to perform a vaginoplasty, a surgery that essentially attempts to create a ‘neo-vagina’ in male patients.

The patient was described as a ‘healthy’ teenager, but within 24 hours of the surgery, he experienced necrotising fascitis, a rare bacterial infection that can spread quickly in the body and result in death. Doctors attempted to save him by administering intravenous antibiotics and ‘repeated surgical debridement’ (which removes dead or infected tissue), but multiple of his organs went into failure and he died. Further investigation showed that the patient suffered a deadly strain of E-Coli that likely originated from his own intestines.

Why did that story not make headlines everywhere? I think we know. Gender ideology has infected almost every sector of society – and those who suffer are considered acceptable collateral damage.

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