Trans activists versus Canadian parents

As I noted in this space earlier this week, Canada finally appears to be having something of a cultural breakthrough moment. New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs decided to stake his career on support for parental rights — specifically, that parents must be informed before school staff can refer to their children by new names and pronouns. Two attempts to oust him as premier have failed, and the widespread support for his position has not gone unnoticed. Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Ontario have followed suit, with federal Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre also announcing that he supports parental rights.

I’ve been writing for years that the majority of Canadians are not on board with the tenets of gender ideology, but that the commonsense majority has no political voice aside from a few ineffectual fringe parties. Thus, the first politician to have the guts to stake out the territory — Blaine Higgs, as it turned out — discovered that the LGBT activists and their progressive allies are only projecting strength. Much of their power was in the illusion of their power, which is why so many previously silent politicians waited for someone else to test the waters first.

Indeed, as one LGBT journalist put it on Twitter: “The way this shit started rolling out from province to province, conservative to conservative, as SOON as there was proof (i.e. New Brunswick) this rhetoric could play in Canada is so gross and should be super worrying in context of the next federal election.” Or, you know, encouraging. Depending on your position. But in the meantime, the backlash to this shift is worth paying attention to, because as I mentioned earlier, there are plenty of people who are saying what they believe out loud — and what they believe should be noted, especially by parents.

For example, Charles Adler, a former radio host who has spent much time over the past several years fulminating about Conservative politicians and pledging his loyalty to the LGBT movement (who, although surely impressed by his groveling, must be tiring of him), tweeted, “It’s lunacy to declare antivaxxers should have the authority in public health decision making – not doctors. It’s also off base to say parents should have the authority to educate children – not teachers. Not surprisingly, both clown cars are steered by the same drivers.”

I’m glad he said this in writing, because it is incredibly revealing that this obviously seemed reasonable to Adler in his head. Adler is actually claiming that a four-year university degree (incredibly easy to obtain) and teacher’s college qualifies employees of the government school system to decide what children learn and keep it secret from their parents. This is a question of authority, and in a contest between parents and teachers, Adler comes firmly and explicitly down on the side of the teachers. That’s not common sense — that’s a radical, revolutionary opinion.


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  1. Jim Zdril says:

    Do you have any information about any groups in New Brunswick who are fighting the trans ideology madness? I would very much like to join with them.

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