Trans activists treat women and girls with contempt and cruelty

One of the key characteristics of transgender activists and their supporters is a complete and cruel contempt for the experiences of girls and women. I’ve covered what feels like countless examples in this space over the past half-decade or so, and the story is nearly always similar: girls speak out against men in their spaces; trans activists shout them down, call them “privileged,” make racist accusations about “white girls,” and mock their fears of sexual assault. In many instances, even their actual cited experiences of sexual assault are scorned. 

I’m not merely “nut-picking” examples of the worst behavior here. I once posted a video of a teenage girl fighting to hold back tears after her school board voted to allow trans-identifying males into her changeroom. She wasn’t a bigot, she explained. She just didn’t want a male to see her naked. 

The video (posted to Twitter) got millions of views, and trans activists rushed to laugh at her fears and tears and call her vile names. The only good thing about the ugly pile-on was that they were letting their masks slip in public and we could all see who they are. 

But to the majority of progressives, none of that seems to matter. Consider this recent story from Reduxx: 

A sorority at the University of Wyoming will be forced to accommodate a 6’2 trans-identified male after the State’s District Court rejected a suit brought by six of the female members. Women from Kappa Kappa Gamma (KKG) sued the national leadership of their sorority after expressing discomfort with the presence of Artemis Langford.

Despite hearing testimony from the women, some of whom stated Langford had ‘watched’ them undress with an erection, Judge Alan Johnson dismissed the case of Westenbroek v. Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternityon August 25. Johnson stated that re-defining ‘woman’ to include males was ‘Kappa Kappa Gamma’s bedrock right as a private, voluntary organization – and one this Court may not invade.’

In his decision, Johnson wrote: ‘The University of Wyoming chapter voted to admit – and, more broadly, a sorority of hundreds of thousands approved – Langford. With its inquiry beginning and ending there, the Court will not define ‘woman’ today. The delegate of a private, voluntary organization interpreted ‘woman,’ otherwise undefined in the non-profit’s bylaws, expansively; this Judge may not invade Kappa Kappa Gamma’s freedom of expressive association and inject the circumscribed definition Plaintiffs urge.’

Back in the 1990s, a frat boy calling himself a girl to get access to naked sorority girls would be the plot of a predictable, raunchy campus comedy. Now not even the judge is in on the joke. The sorority, unfortunately for the girls, states in its 2018 “Guide for Supporting our LGBTQIA+ Members” that there can be no discrimination against “individuals who identify as women,” and Langford fits the bill. Langford weighs 260 pounds and has access to the KKG sorority house, which can bunk up to fifty women (and Langford, presumably). 

Predictably, members have spotted him lurking about, watching them. Other times, he asked them questions about their breast size. His Tinder profile indicates that he is “sexually interested in women,” which unfortunately became obvious frequently. 


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