Seattle 10th grader reportedly fails quiz over saying women cannot have male genitals

On February 6, 2021, 16-year-old Josh Alexander showed up for class at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School in Renfrew, Ontario. It was, as it turned out, an act of defiance. In November, he’d been suspended from school for stating during a class discussion that there were only two genders. He had also brought up the fact that several female students were uncomfortable that male students identifying as girls were permitted to use the female facilities. The principal refused to do anything. When Alexander arrived, he was called to the office—and the principal met him with two officers of the Ontario Provincial Police. The teenager was read his rights, escorted out of school, and put in the back of a cop cruiser. 

It was an unprecedented event: A Catholic school student arrested and removed from school grounds for stating the Christian view in a Catholic school. 

As of writing, Alexander is fighting in court for the right to complete his education. In Ontario, Catholic schools are part of the public system, and like the secular public schools, they teach LGBT ideology as part of the curriculum and host mandatory LGBT events. Flags have always been the tools of colonizers, and it is evidence of how effective the sexual revolutionaries have been that LGBT flags flap over nearly every single public school—Catholic and secular—in the country throughout June. In fact, it is now more controversial when LGBT flags do not fly over Catholic schools than when they do. 

Josh Alexander’s story is familiar to most of our readers—his experience, after all, turned him into a Christian activist, and he has been at the forefront of organizing protests of Canada’s indoctrination practices. His experience, however, is not a unique one. Not so long ago, Christian students in public schools, colleges, or universities had to decide whether they wanted to “come out” as pro-life or pro-traditional marriage in classroom discussions. To do so could invite hostility from peers or professors; publicly defending the Christian worldview on hot-button cultural issues could easily result in bad marks or lost opportunities. There is a longstanding debate on the right as to whether it is wiser to simply keep your head down, finish your education, and get out and soon as possible; or defend your worldview publicly. 

But we are swiftly approaching a moment where to participate in public education does not merely require Christians to decide whether they are going to speak out about abortion or LGBT issues, or other controversial matters. It is now the nature of reality itself that is at issue. Consider this recent story, reported by The Christian Post: 

A 10th-grader at a public school in Seattle reportedly failed a quiz for saying only men have penises and only women can get pregnant, and the school has since removed the teacher’s page from its website following scrutiny. Students taking an Ethnic Studies World History course at Chief Sealth International High School were told such assertions were incorrect on the true-false ‘Understanding Gender vs. Sex’ quiz, according to screenshots obtained by Fox News Digital. 

The quiz also asked questions regarding trans pronouns and the sexual orientation of trans-identifying individuals. The student’s mother, who remained anonymous for fear of retribution toward her son, broke the story Sunday on The Jason Rantz Show. She expressed her ‘frustration and anger’ toward the situation, and claimed the school never addressed it. 

‘I keep trying to wrap my head around how it is legal to teach inaccurate information and force students to answer against their beliefs or receive negative scores,’ the mother told Rantz, who noted she is a liberal who came to believe things had gone ‘too far.’

In response to questions from The Christian Post, a spokesperson for Seattle Public Schools noted that “a knowledge check quiz was administered about two weeks ago” but added that “it’s crucial to note that the quiz results did not impact students’ final grades,” as if that made compulsory deceit more palatable. SPS added their mandatory DEI statement: “SPS remains committed to fostering inclusive environments that encourage the exploration of contemporary issues, particularly the examination of power systems such as racism and patriarchy. This dedication extends to providing a space for thoughtful exploration and dialogue on these issues.” 


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