Why does Justin Trudeau want Canadian taxpayers to fund free birth control?

The year began with a series of cheery headlines. From Global News: “Canada’s fertility rate has hit its lowest level in recorded history.” From the CBC: “Canada’s 2022 fertility rate lowest on record, StatsCan reports.” And, most succinctly, from the National Post: “Canada’s birth rate has dropped off a cliff.” 

This is catastrophic news. Canada, like any nation, needs babies. This is an obvious, undeniable fact. It is also a truth that few seem capable of uttering. In fact, a few weeks after the news of Canada’s demographic crisis, we were treated to headlines such as this one, from the Canadian Press: “Emergency contraceptives like morning-after pill must be covered by pharmacare: NDP.” 

And this one, from The Observer: “Canada Soon To Offer All Women Free Contraception.” 

And this one, from Global News: “Trudeau says pharmacare plan will cover birth control.” 

First, we found out that Canada’s birthrate continues to plummet. Shortly thereafter, Canada’s Liberal-NDP government announced that taxpayer-funded contraception and birth control, including abortifacient medications, are a top priority. To a reasonable person, this might seem strange. Why would the government encourage contraceptive use to the point of paying for it? I’ve never been a fan of the Freudian theory of a “death drive” or compulsion to self-destruction, but we appear to be engaged in a national death drive right now. 

A welfare state was built on the presumption that there would be future generations to pay for it with their tax dollars, but those children have not been forthcoming. Around 100,000 of those children were conceived but aborted. Justin Trudeau is passionate about abortion, and his government is one of the most aggressive proponents of feticide in the world. Canada’s taxpayers fund the killing of the very children we desperately need. 


One thought on “Why does Justin Trudeau want Canadian taxpayers to fund free birth control?

  1. Navi says:

    Eh. Abortion and child castration drugs are less medically necessary than contraception, yet the governments fully fund both of those (up to and including flying to the US to get a third-trimester abortion). If both of those are considered essential healthcare by the government, it only follows that contraception would be as well.

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