For more than a half-century, Ted Byfield was one of Canada's most significant public Christians. He gave voice to Western alienation when few others would, and helped create the consensus that resulted in the first Conservative majority government in decades.


Because of the widespread use of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), hundreds of thousands of children across North America are stored in freezers. Can Christians do anything for these children? Are there any ethical responses to this profoundly unethical situation? Can these frozen children be adopted? Life Under Glass seeks to address these difficult questions.


The Culture War was written so that Christians can understand how we came to this cultural moment, and what we can do now that we are here. [205 pages - Paperback]


Seeing is Believing is a powerful examination of social reform movements of the past to extract the timeless principles of exposing injustice. He reveals the tactics abortion activists fear the most, and explores the hidden nightmares of abortion industry workers. Pro-life people should take hope from this book. When the injustice of abortion is exposed, minds are changed, and lives are saved. Because seeing is believing.