The feminist Liberals just told a female MP that she isn’t a good enough woman

By Jonathon Van Maren

Pam Damoff, the Liberal Member of Parliament for Oakville North-Burlington, has an interesting and illuminating voting record. For example, in 2016 she voted against an amendment to her party’s euthanasia legalization bill that would “protect freedom of conscience for doctors, nurses, pharmacists and healthcare institutions to refuse to participate in euthanasia.” In her view, if some medical professionals did not want to implicate themselves in the killing of patients, they’d have to suck it up—Damoff’s vote indicates her belief that they should be forced to participate anyway. Ms. Damoff, like many other politicians of her ilk, is the sort of person who believes so firmly in her own rightness that she actually believes those millions of Canadians who do not share her views should not have political representation.

So perhaps it should not be surprising that Damoff marched out of a meeting of the House Status of Women Committee this morning when the Conservatives nominated Lethbridge MP Rachael Harder as chair, effectively shutting the meeting down before the nomination could even come to a vote. “The Liberal members of the committee cannot support the Opposition putting forward someone like Rachael Harder,” Damoff declared, “whose voting record is opposed to where women stand and we cannot support Miss Harder as chair. We have to leave the meeting.”

That record, by the way, was Harder’s vote for Molly and Cassie’s Law, championed by the pro-choice partner of a brutally murdered wife and pre-born daughter that simply would have made little Molly’s murder a separate criminal offence. She also brought the issue of gender selection abortion to the Status of Women Committee in April, pointing out that the Canadian Medical Association had revealed that little girls in the womb in Canada are sometimes targeted with abortion just because they are girls, and that this constitutes violence against women. (Incidentally, over 90% of Canadians oppose gender selection abortion). This record, apparently, gave Damoff the confidence to say that Harder “is opposed to where women stand.”

The level of arrogance that it takes for someone like Damoff to tell a woman that her opinion is invalid because it differs from her own is breathtaking. Which women is Damoff actually talking about it? Is it perhaps the dozens of women who rallied around Harder’s Lethbridge office recently to express their support for her record, especially her comments on gender selection abortion? (There were only two pro-choice protestors there, for the record.) Is it the overwhelming majority of Canadian women who oppose gender selection abortion? Is it the millions of pro-life women in this country? Is it the immigrant women who overwhelmingly disagree with abortion? Or is it women like Cassie’s mother, who saw both her daughter and her granddaughter murdered—but saw Molly receive no justice from either the courts or politicians like Damoff?

Apparently, those women deserve no representation and no voice, and thus Rachael Harder deserves no voice, simply because Damoff and her handful of fellow ideologues have decided that women “like Rachael Harder” are not real women like themselves. Women are women and women have rights—except when those women disagree with Ms. Damoff. At that point, they must be blacklisted and silenced, because they are not the kind of women Ms. Damoff approves of. Those women, for example, are not as good at being women as members of the Status of Women Committee Marc Serre, Sean Fraser, and Terry Duguid, who marched out with Ms. Damoff and were presumably equally offended that they were presented with a woman who did not think precisely the same way that they did.

The number of Canadians that Ms. Damoff and her colleagues would like to disenfranchise for having views “like Rachael Harder’s” is enormous. As Andrea Mrozek already pointed out over at ProWomanProLife, there are many women who do not happen to believe that women need the right to terminate their own offspring to be equal, and many women who actually think that Ms. Damoff’s view is a sad view of equality and offensive to women. But women like Harder, and Mrozek, and so many others—they don’t count, in the view of Ms. Damoff and her “feminist” Liberal government. Those women must sit down and be silent. As silent as these facsimile feminists are in the face of thousands of little girls being targeted in the womb every year—just for being little girls.

Perhaps we need more young women “like Rachael Harder” to stand up for them.

3 thoughts on “The feminist Liberals just told a female MP that she isn’t a good enough woman

  1. April says:

    Thank you for this article. I’m way out in BC and don’t know about these things, because they don’t get reported (of course). I am sick and tired of the Liberals and their social engineering…..we are one of the best countries in the world to live in….they are ruining it. I support Rachael Harder and I hope she can continue to represent women, not just those who have bought into the weird left wing idea of what makes a woman a woman.

  2. John Zylstra says:

    Damoff is a disgrace to women in general. She is also a disgrace to politicians, and Canada holds its head down in shame at her actions. Arrogance and intolerance continue with people like Damoff.

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