The deeply personal reasons that Tucker Carlson is so pro-life

By Jonathon Van Maren

April 26, 2018 ( – Whenever I see a media figure passionately defend the pro-life position, I always get curious. It’s not surprising that there are pro-life people in the media, of course, especially on the right side of the spectrum. But when someone chooses to dedicate his time and energy in the media sphere to exposing the truth about abortion, revealing the lies of abortion activists, and advocating for the rights of pro-lifers to bring the truth to the public square week after week, I want to know what drives that passion.

Some of you have probably already guessed whom I’m referring to: Tucker Carlson, host of the wildly popular FOX News show Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Carlson covers the abortion issue almost weekly, and he frequently brings pro-life activists on his show – from students experiencing censorship to well-known leaders like Lila Rose of Live Action. He’s forced an apologist from Planned Parenthood to defend her views on abortion, interviewed a former Planned Parenthood director who changed her mind, condemned the promotion of abortion, and demanded that Democratic politicians explain when life begins. There are other pro-life anchors at FOX News, but none who so intelligently and consistently addresses the issue from nearly every angle. So what makes Carlson so passionate about the issue?



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