VICTORY: Supreme Court refuses to hear abortion activists’ case against Arkansas law

By Jonathon Van Maren

Abortion activists are panicking today as the Supreme Court of the United States announced early this morning that they would not be taking up the lawsuit launched against an Arkansas law that restricts abortion pills. Abortion activists claim that this law—Act 577, which requires doctors who dispense abortion pills to have a signed contract with a secondary provider with admitting privileges at a hospital—could result in Arkansas being left with only a single abortion clinic left in the entire state. From Rewire News:

Advocates warn the consequences will be dire if the U.S. Supreme Court does not intervene. Should the Arkansas law take effect, it could leave Arkansas with one health center in the state that provides abortion services, according to the petition filed with the Court. They note that, for example, patients in Fayetteville, where the University of Arkansas is located, would have to travel 760 miles to Little Rock over the course of several days to comply with the state’s myriad abortion restrictions. This effectively amounts to a total abortion ban for many, advocates claim, because they cannot afford the cost of time off work, child care, and travel. 

Abortion activists are claiming that this law could effectively amount to an abortion ban. With the Supreme Court’s decision not to consider the case, it appears pro-life activists have secured another important victory.


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