With Roe under threat, abortion activists drop the pretenses and go nuclear

By Jonathon Van Maren

The resignation of Justice Anthony Kennedy from the Supreme Court of the United States has been, in many ways, a clarifying moment. As progressives begin to realize that there is a discernable path to the overturn of Roe v. Wade, they have abruptly abandoned any semblance of nuance on the abortion question. Abortion, it is now clear, is not simply a matter of “women’s health” or even a “necessary evil.” Abortion is essential to the survival of the Sexual Revolution, and is a fundamental necessity for those who wish to live precisely as they please. Sex makes babies, but babies are inconvenient, and so the right to kill those babies must be maintained at all costs. Abortion guarantees people the ability to use their reproductive organs for recreational purposes, so long as the inevitable but unwanted children can be swiftly disposed of.

With Roe under threat, progressives are laying this out in the starkest terms. LGBT activist Viva Ruiz, who recently created a massive float for a Pride parade featuring a blasphemous backdrop reading “Thank God for Abortion,” gave an expletive-laden interview to the appropriately named media outlet Jezebel explaining why abortion was so essential. “If people with uteruses don’t have access to abortion, we’re not having a sexual liberation,” she explained, “and we’re all f***ing, and we’re past the binary.” Queer people need abortion too, she added. After all, if they can’t access abortion, how can they get rid of the babies they make while living their liberated lives? Alleged comedienne Michelle Wolf recently summed it up in her Netflix “Salute to Abortion” sketch: “God bless abortion!”

Planned Parenthood of New York City has launched an equally blunt fundraising campaign, which they have dubbed “#FreedomtoFck.” Without mentioning the horrifying fact that New York City’s abortion rate is one of the highest in the world, they announced that New York residents “have more sex than anyone else in America (Woo! We did it!),” and thus abortion services are extremely important. Planned Parenthood, their campaign explains, helps to “make sure everyone has access to the sexual and reproductive health care services they need.” In short, New Yorkers need to support their local abortion industry to “Protect our freedom to f****!” Pro-lifers on the front lines in NYC have stories to tell about the sad consequences of Planned Parenthood’s success—one activist told me of a girl he met who had already had 22 abortions.

Every revolution claims victims, and the Sexual Revolution has been the bloodiest in all of human history. Tens of millions of pre-born babies have already been butchered to sustain our culture’s addiction to coitus without consequences, and if progressives get their way, that kill count will continue to climb. They are not concerned with the pre-born children who never see the light of day—although one magazine did publish an article on “What you need to know about having sex after an abortion” earlier this year. The battle lines have been clearly drawn: Progressives will fight with everything they have to preserve their ability to offload their offspring at abortion clinics and carry on with their lives. Sexual freedom, it seems, comes with a cost—and in post-Roe America, the youngest and most innocent members of our society have been forced to pay the bloody price.


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