Parents both plan “gender transition,” announce that they’re raising their son “gender-neutral”

By Jonathon Van Maren

One thing that I find hard to get used to is the utter solemnity with which the media treats the most absurd claims. Headlines announce that some man is pregnant, when the pregnant person is quite obviously a woman. News stories tell us that a woman has raped several other women in a women’s prison—but a closer look clears up the confusion and reveals that it is actually a biological man we are talking about, and one who had been convicted of previous sex crimes to boot. The media has obediently accepted ideological terminology that hides the truth from the readers, and has offloaded much of their own credibility in the process.

Consider this train-wreck story from the Daily Mirror, for example:

Britain’s first gender-fluid family – who sparked a national debate because son Star Cloud is being brought up as a “person” rather than a “boy” – is preparing for a total transformation. Parents Louise and Nikki Draven – who told their unusual story in the Sunday Mirror last year– are set to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

Dad Louise, 32 – whom Star calls his mummy – is to become a woman. Mum Nikki, 31 – called daddy by the child – will be a man called Charlie. Even five-year-old Star has cut his hair to look more like a boy than a girl.

“It’s been a long time coming,” said Louise – born a man and Star’s biological dad. “I started my transition in 2011 but things, mainly weight, held me back.” She shed 16st – slimming from 25st to a slim 9st – to avoid complications so she can have the December op. She added: “It took a lot of self-discipline after bariatric surgery.”

Louise said of the swap op: “I have doubts all the time but that’s just part and parcel of my transition.No one chooses these feelings but when people do, they need the outside of their bodies to match the inside.” Louise has also ditched her striking red and black hair – shaving it off after hormone treatment left her thinning. She said: “The hair doesn’t make the woman – the woman makes herself.”

Meanwhile Nikki – born a female and registered as Star’s birth mother – now calls himself Charlie and is planning a female-to-male operation soon. The ex-pub bouncer said: “I’ve never been comfortable being female but it’s taken me a while to admit that. I was never happy about having periods or growing breasts. It felt all wrong. So I did some soul-searching and realised I’ve always wanted to be male.”

Last year he revealed he was pansexual – some days he would dress as a woman, and others as a man. Now he only ever dresses as a man and binds his breasts every day. The couple say Star is “still gender neutral” and is happy and well-adjusted.

Charlie said: “He has a five-year-old’s understanding of our situation. I’ve always been daddy and Louise has always been mummy and that’s never going to change. Star sometimes asks questions. Recently he asked why I had to wear a swimsuit at the pool and not trunks like other daddies. I tell Star mummy is going to a special doctor who will take away her ducky, which is Star’s word for penis. I say that when I go to the special doctor I’ll be getting a ducky of my own then I’ll be just like him.”

Star’s school is supportive. He wears a boy’s uniform but can accessorise. At home he is free to wear make-up, paint his nails, wear boys’ or girls’ clothes and play with dolls. In January, he cut his long hair and Louise said: “He’s in two minds now about whether or not he wants it long again.”

The couple hope to be in their ideal bodies by the time Star is 10 but admit they worry about the impact on him. But Louise insists: “All parents worry. But having surgery will make Charlie and I feel complete as individuals and we’ll be much happier because of that. If we waited until Star was older, he’d spend his childhood with parents who felt incomplete.”

Charlie said: “By then the transgender community will be as prevalent as the LGB community now – and that can only be a good thing.”

Notice that the media obediently uses all of the trans terminology throughout this horrifying story—and the fact that two deeply delusional people are including a child in their ongoing social experiment is presented as just an alternative, perhaps even rather fun, way of living. At no point is there any real inquiry into what is going on here, because presumably much of the media, like this “gender-fluid” couple intent on self-mutilation, feels that the transgender community becoming “prevalent” can “only be a good thing.”

I wonder what Star will have to say about all of this in a few years.


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