Justin Trudeau flops in awful, cringe-worthy video on “Gender Equality Week”

By Jonathon Van Maren

Yesterday, I thought that Trudeau and his Liberals had probably peaked for the week in terms of tone-deaf and cringeworthy public statements, with the Prime Minister’s Office releasing his statement on the “historic Gender Equality Week” that the Libs had just invented, probably to simultaneously remind everyone that despite Trudeau’s groping, he is still the Feminist-in-Chief. But it actually turns out that things can get even worse. Try, for example, to make it through this video without throwing up:

So there’s Trudeau, grinning like a Boy Scout who is positive that nobody will ever call him out on that time he got handsy with that one Girl Guide, being interviewed by one of his loyal staff members, who would like to know how he became so amazing while staring at him adoringly. It appears as if Trudeau’s Feminism is the Liberal “notwithstanding clause”: All men must be immediately subject to an investigation should they be accused of groping young women. Notwithstanding, if you are Justin Trudeau, this does not apply, and you can brazenly star in videos about how great you are for the rest of the women, whom you presumably did not grope.

The cringiest part of the video is probably where Monsef and Trudeau attempt to wish us all a “Happy Gender Equality Week” in unison. I wonder how many takes that sophomoric trainwreck took. What makes this even more embarrassing is that “drama teacher” was one of Trudeau’s few credentials when he decided to run for prime minister on his father’s name—and he very clearly cannot even act.

12 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau flops in awful, cringe-worthy video on “Gender Equality Week”

  1. christina allain says:

    looks like our foolish pm is lipsynching…edited out his usual.. ah mu oh and..gender issues are not issues,, your destroying Canada …traitor..now that’s an issue…

  2. Jen says:

    Justin Trudeau uses women to get what he wants from them but to stand by them at the hour of need when women are under threat by Isis and terrorists, female genital mutilators, Abuses by cultural males and females, by treating woman whom he touched inappropriately as nothing, by calling a elderly woman in Quebec ‘a racist’ for asking him a simple question about money, the list goes on.
    When women slap him for degrading them, for lying to them for his own gain, will change the outlook that not all women like to be treated like his Harem. His own female mps have no voice, they are his HAREM, to do with as he wishes.

  3. Don Pruce says:

    Soooooo…Justin….Have you gone to the mosque and given your Gender Equality speech?? because I think the women still can’t use the front door…or be in the same room with the “men”…

  4. Loretta says:

    I’m sure he’d like to see his pretty wife doing welding, plumbing, electrician, etc etc – Heck she probably dreams of road construction jobs. In countries where this same nonsense is promoted there remains the natural gravitating towards what are longstanding male and female roles. I mean, it’s not like he’s doing this commercial in the Middle East…

  5. Frederick says:

    Couldn’t watch the entire video as nausea started to set in. What the hell is happening to Canada?! My wife and I have started the process of becoming US citizens and this just reinforces our commitment. The degree of stupidity that it took to make this little moron Canada’s Prime Minister is absolutely astonishing. It’s heartbreaking too to see Canada go down this path as it sure wasn’t that way when we grew up in Ontario in the 50’s and 60’s. Such a crying shame!

  6. Melanie says:

    Gender equality & Sharia law exact opposite ideologies, which both are libtard bs. Duh, why do these two think real Canadians are as dumb as these freaks !

  7. Stephanie says:

    So gender equality is all about getting women out there and working. That was the main message here. Get out there you women and work in a job. Now your equal. Priminister go back to school . Gender equality is supposed to mean you are not denied doing what ever you want to do because of your gender. So if you’re a guy and you want to be a homemaker you can. If you’re a woman you can be a pilot. No judgement on that. And news flash we all have bigger aspirations than being middle class. You just came off like I want everybody out there working so I get more taxes from you.
    Woman who stay home are hard working as well . You just indicated your only a successful person if you have a job.

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