Abortion fanatics are sending female pro-life activists rape porn…to scare them into silence

By Jonathon Van Maren

November 16, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Eight months ago, the pro-life organization Live Action uploaded a three-minute video clip of a young woman giving an extraordinarily powerful testimony about being raped and becoming pregnant. Jennifer Christie explained to the Iowa legislature that she’d been brutally raped while on a business trip, her bruised body flung into a stairwell after the attack.

Despite the horrors she’d endured, she was not speaking for crime victims, she said. Rather, she was speaking for the 32,000 women who become pregnant after rape—and the 75% of those women “who give our children life.”

Christie was representing Save the One, an organization that represents people who were conceived in rape, as well as mothers—like herself—who have children conceived through sexual assault. Her son, Christie stated tearfully, is “a reminder that love is stronger than hate.” Further, she said, “Do not use me, and my rape, and my story…as a banner to hide behind and excuse the genocide of the innocent.”

The moment was powerful, and the video went viral, racking up 1.4 million views to date. Jennifer expected to receive backlash for taking a stand. All pro-life activists do. What she did not expect was the sheer viciousness and hatred unleashed on her by some on the pro-abortion side.

After the video went viral, someone sent her a video of a woman being raped. It was sent to her personal Facebook account, through a friend’s account that had been hacked. The police helpfully told her it was “probably rape porn,” but it sounded real—especially the woman’s screaming. Considering what passes for pornography these days, it very well could have been.

Jennifer flashbacked to her own trauma, threw up, and couldn’t catch her breath—just as the sender of the video intended. Someone furious that Jennifer was defending her son’s right to exist and condemning abortion as the killing of pre-born children wanted to make her suffer for her stand in the most repulsive way they could think of. In response to this, Facebook did nothing.

That was only the start. Rape videos were sent to her two more times through her professional speaker’s page. She was also sent a video of a man cutting off a woman’s breast, followed by flashing strobe lights. Christie has epilepsy—something she has discussed in articles and public speeches. Whoever sent her the video had combined horrifying sexualized violence with an attempt to trigger an epileptic attack. It worked: She had a tonic-clonic seizure as a result.

Christie now says that she was naïve not to expect these attacks—she simply did not expect this level of vitriol from the other side.

“I mean, I’m not condemning anyone,” she told me. “I’m not cruel. I’m loving my son. That’s it. I just don’t think that way. Or didn’t. I guess I do now—which is sad.”

Sadly, online sexual harassment directed at female pro-life activists is becoming a popular tactic by some abortion advocates. Laura Klassen of Choice42, who has had videos like “The Magical Birth Canal” go viral, has also been subjected to the same thing: Men have sent her photos of their genitals online, GIFs of rape porn, and pictures of violent sex acts. Some of the material she has been sent is too explicit to describe—all for taking a stand on abortion.

I could cite other examples, as well—female friends in the pro-life movement have told me that abortion supporters have even photoshopped them into explicit pictures and sent it back to them with ugly, demeaning messages. Often, they receive threats of violent assault—I was sent screenshots and had brutal messages described to me when I asked several female pro-life activists what sort of online harassment that they face.


6 thoughts on “Abortion fanatics are sending female pro-life activists rape porn…to scare them into silence

  1. Melissa says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    Do you know where I can find the source of Jennifer Christie’s claim that 75% of women who become pregnant by rape carry their child to term? If that is a true statistic, it’s rather remarkable.

    Considering that one in four pregnancies ends in abortion, and one in every two pregnancies is unplanned, I’m going to assume that about one out of every two unplanned pregnancies is aborted. (In order to make that assumption, you have to assume that the number of planned pregnancies that are aborted is statistically insignificant. I think that’s a fair bet, but I could be wrong.) That’s 50%. Now, if you assume that all of the pregnancies resulting from rape are unplanned, that means that A WOMAN WHO GETS PREGNANT FROM RAPE IS LESS LIKELY TO ABORT THAN A WOMAN WHO EXPERIENCES A GENERIC UNPLANNED PREGNANCY.

    Which is why I would really like a source for that statistic. The conclusion I just drew is not intuitive at all, and if it is true, that a woman is less likely to abort if she is raped than if she just experiences an unexpected pregnancy, it really merits furter study.

    • Michael says:

      Melissa, although it may seem so, that’s not really that illogical a possibility. Every non-rape victim who has an unplanned pregnancy has willingly engaged in sex without the intention of conceiving. With rape victims, their is no intention to separate sex from procreation. In the former, the person has already started the mental process which leads some to abort by separating procreation from sex in her mind, an inherently anti-life mentality (even if not consciously intended that way). In the second case (victim of rape), not so – I would expect her to represent society’s general attitude: a 50/50 shot at choosing life is plausible.

      In other words, those two groups of people aren’t necessarily similar. Statistically, you cannot conclude that a raped women is less likely to abort than if the same women merely finds herself with an unplanned pregnancy, because there’s no inherent reason to put them in the same statistical population. It may be true that a raped women is less likely to abort than a women who has an unplanned pregnancy, but that is not the same statement.

      I’m still curious about the stat too though. 🙂

      • Melissa says:

        Michael, are you seriously saying that a woman who is pregnant as a result of rape is not experiencing an unplanned pregnancy? I think a rape pregnancy is the epitome of unplanned pregnancies. Nobody plans to get pregnant by rape. Every rape pregnancy is an unplanned pregnancy.

        Do you really believe that every sexual act needs to be one where a child is willed? I strongly disagree with you, and I’m Catholic and follow the precepts of my Church. I’ve had two unplanned pregnancies, and I’ve never really separated sex from procreation. I’ve gotta disagree with you strongly that women who have unplanned pregnancies are all having sex with a contraceptive mentality.

        My point was that the odds of a woman with an unplanned pregnancy aborting seem to be about 50/50. The odds of a woman who is aborting a rape pregnancy, if the above statistic can be trusted, seem to be 25/75. That is not what you would expect, and it merits further study.

        • Erin says:

          Melissa, I think he was trying to draw a distinction between the two situations. Anecdotally, there are women who use abortion as birth control – my aunt worked with a woman who had five :(. There are other women with planned pregnancies that abort due to real or perceived genetic issues.

  2. Penny says:

    Already been a victim of rape. Still pro-life. This mindset on the left of trying to subjugate us with their male organs explains perfectly their partnership with Islam now. The left is rape culture. The left is misogynistic.

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