Australia may abolish gender–or simply make it optional

By Jonathon Van Maren

Ideology is trumping biological identification once again–this time in Australia. From the Daily Mail:

Landmark gender rights laws have made it through Tasmania’s lower house which include parents having to ‘opt in’ to have a baby’s sex recorded on birth certificates.

The House of Assembly passed the legislation, which was proposed by Labor and the Greens, on Tuesday night thanks to a deciding vote by Liberal speaker Sue Hickey.

Other changes include individuals being allowed to change their gender from the age of 16 by simply filling out a statutory declaration, according to The Australian.

Anti-discrimination laws were also widened to include ‘gender expression’ such as using the correct names and titles of transgender people. The new laws were amendments added to a bill removing the need for a person to become divorced before changing gender.

The laws still have to pass the upper house, however, it is the first time these types of laws have been voted through the lower house of any State.

Labor politician Ella Haddad said that parents of newborns would simply be given a form asking them if they wish to have the gender of their child printed on the birth certificate.’It creates an opt-in approach,’ Ms Haddad said.

‘There are significant drafting flaws and legal consequences; things that need to be considered,’ Liberal Attorney-General Elise Archer told parliament. 

Scientific reality will be transformed into a personal preference right across the Western world if the gender ideologues have their way. If you’re a boy and you want to be a girl, you can get that all taken care of before the government will even let you drive a car or vote. It’s not a matter of biology anymore—it’s a matter of bureaucracy. The only thing standing between you and your new life as a member of the opposite sex is a lineup or two.

Parents may be able to make the decision for their children, too, by simply choosing not to record the gender of their child on his or her birth certificate. So how will children with no gender on their birth certificates be identified? What will little children do when they are expected to “choose” their gender without being told that there is a biological reality? Now that we may be allowed to “opt into” reality or “opt out” of it, how will we order our society?

Perhaps saner voices will prevail and these solemnly stated stupidities will be stopped. But at this point, there seems to be almost nobody with the courage and conviction to speak simple truths aloud. The emperor has no clothes and says he is a woman–but nobody dares to point out the very visible evidence that he is not.


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