The Real Michael Coren

By Jonathon Van Maren

I take note of this only because Michael Coren, the former Catholic who uses nearly every column he writes for the CBC or the Toronto Star to bash Christians and social conservatives with his cloying, “oh-dear-me”-style prose, spends most of his time on social media lecturing social conservatives for having a lack of compassion and for being unloving. As I’ve noted in columns in the past, those of us who had any personal interactions with Coren whatsoever know that to be a joke, as he was renowned within conservative media circles for being a nasty and unpleasant fellow, and perhaps one of the few people who was not improved by a British accent (which he appeared to believe made him sound charming.) He also was (and remains) an inept fraud, as his pretense of being a close friend of Christopher Hitchens some time ago hilariously proved.

Now it appears that his former friend Andrew Lawton has finally had enough of getting bashed in columns by Coren, and has decided to expose Coren’s hypocrisy once again:

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