One child a day in the United Kingdom is “switching gender by deed poll,” some as young as ten

By Jonathon Van Maren

It seems as if I’m reporting this story every other day, but according to The Sun in the UK, another data set indicates that the number of children choosing to identify as transgender is spiking dramatically, with the UK Deed Poll Service noting that one child under the age of sixteen years old makes the change every day.

Children are “switching gender by deed poll” in record numbers, the Deed Poll Service notes, and there has been a “sharp rise in the number of parents forking out thirty-five pounds to change their child’s title from Miss to Master, or Master to Miss, in the past five years.” This switch is often accompanied by a formal name-change. This sort of thing, said senior deed poll officer Louise Bowers, used to happen every few months, “but now it’s seven to ten a week. The majority are teenagers, but they go down to aged ten.”

Unsurprisingly, there are far more girls requesting the switch than boys. This has been confirmed by other studies, and was highlighted recently in a column in the Wall Street Journal which exposed the hell many parents are experiencing as their beautiful daughters get swept up in the transgender phenomenon and embark on physical transitions that will permanently mutilate their bodies.

In the case of the requests being processed by the UK Deed Poll Service, however, parental approval is required in order for children under the age of sixteen to change their names. Parents can also choose to pay the £8 it costs to replace “son,” “daughter,” “he” and “she” on the official paperwork in order to eliminate some records of their child’s sex at birth.

As it turns out, the cultural pressures and demands of children being led by the Pied Pipers of transgenderism are enough to cause many parents to buckle—at least one a day in the United Kingdom. Despite the fact that these trends would have struck every previous generation as dangerous and insane, our elites demand that we fall into line, and parents are expected to obediently offer their children on the altar of an ideology that will quite literally transform their bodies and scar their souls.


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5 thoughts on “One child a day in the United Kingdom is “switching gender by deed poll,” some as young as ten

  1. D says:

    So sad. Do these girls know they can dress however they want and like whatever they want regardless if society claims these things are ‘masculine ‘ or “for boys”, without saying they’re a boy and changing their bodies with medications and surgery. And vice versa for the boys too. I thought we were supposed to be ending sexist stereotyping not conforming to it by changing oneself to the opposite sex

  2. Matt Osborne says:

    Surely this is not just a fad, surely there will not be a wave of regretful 20-somethings demanding to know why we let this happen, surely

  3. david says:

    sorry i made the mistake in the 90’s and now i live as a eunuch ,, it is only for the Grace of God and his Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit the GODHEAD that i am a testimony to a wasted lifestyle so that others may not go down this road. please seek wisdom and truth and not self direction. even the lesbians only want the so called WOMYN BORN WOMYN around them to not get infiltrated by XY chromosomes at their MWMF .. they too need to repent and turn from their wicked ways.

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