Social justice warriors who ignore abortion are a joke

By Jonathon Van Maren

As my friend Sam Sey noted recently, the easiest way to tell that the so-called social justice movement is more concerned about trendiness than justice is the fact that they do not seem to care at all about abortion, a common brutality against the youngest and weakest members of our society. In fact, they are generally enthusiastic about partnering with those who champion abortion as an essential right, claiming that common ground is worth far more than the babies they have buried there alongside the hatchet. Progressive evangelical Rachel Held Evans, for example, who has successfully progressed her way out of Christianity entirely, responded to the outrage at Democratic politicians championing late-term abortion legislation by noting that if she were pregnant with a non-viable son or daughter, she might consider abortion, too. She’s already dying, so might as well kill her appears to be compelling logic to a disturbing number of people.

Social justice warriors of the pseudo-Christian variety, who usually enjoy loudly heaving themselves onto any passing bandwagon, have fallen as silent as a butchered baby with the non-stop news stories detailing the willingness of Democrats to legalize abortion right up until birth. In fact, more than a few have fallen back on tut-tutting that it isn’t infanticide, per se, because the infant is still in the uterus, so conservatives should be careful about spreading fake news, which they consider to be a more important thing to fight than banning stabbing small children in the skull to ensure a dead delivery. The abortion cabal and their Democratic lackies, on the other hand, are doing damage control, hunting about for a euphemism that will disguise the atrocities they have been referring to as “healthcare.” They have decided on “later abortion” as an alternative to “late-term abortion,” apparently assuming that their replacement is less evocative of the sort of baby-crushing involved.

There are other stupid arguments being utilized to defend the indefensible practice of preying on the defenseless, as well. The thing is, the vampiric abortion activists say smoothly, hardly any late-term abortions happen, anyway. Interestingly, this defense concedes the point that there is something repulsive about late-term abortion to begin with, but does not explain why the rarity of an atrocity is somehow a justification for it. Democrat U.S. Sen. Patty Murray of Washington objected to Sen. Ben Sasse’s Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which would provide strict protections for babies born alive after attempted abortions, on the grounds that such protections already existed. She did not explain, before storming off the Senate floor, why she and her colleagues are so opposed to protections that apparently already exist.

It is one thing to say that late-term abortion is necessary. That already is a lie — no abortion is necessary, and every single abortion ends the life of a precious and unrepeatable human being. The arms being suctioned from the tiny body of a baby in the first trimester are smaller and more delicate, and the corpse of a child at that age collapses far more easily, but there is no moral difference between killing babies of different sizes. But the stone-faced Democratic women sitting as silent as an abortionist’s conscience while President Donald Trump condemned abortion and infanticide during the State of the Union last week was quite something to behold. They reminded me of something Peter Kreeft once wisely observed: Feminists are feminine like cannibals are chefs. Chuck Schumer’s leering grin at Trump’s call for protections for babies in the womb was sickening enough. The carnivorous cabal of women, some of whom are mothers and have felt babies kick within them, was tragic in a particularly ugly way. They, of all people, should know better.

On the other hand, it was truly heartening to hear the President of the United States describe the evil of abortion in clear language and demand that legislators step up and pass more protections for the beautiful children created in the image of Almighty God. It was also wonderful to hear the roar of cheers and applause that greeted his words, because it was a reminder that in this epic battle between good and evil, between those who support babies being suctioned, poisoned, and dismembered from their earliest stages until just before birth and those who see children as America’s most precious heritage, there are many men and women who rejected the empty and ugly lies of those who call for social justice while applauding infanticide. For too long, so-called social justice warriors and progressive politicians have twisted language in order to claim that they are the champions of compassion and of justice, and these past few weeks have exposed them for who they are.


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