The UK’s National Health Service will fund IVF for gay men who want children

By Jonathon Van Maren

The redefinition of marriage and our ever-multiplying sexual minorities continue to push us down the road to the complete commodification of children, where designer babies can be made-to-order and created regardless of the costs. According to the Daily Mail:

Two gay men have been offered IVF treatment by the NHS in what is believed to be the first case of its kind in Britain. The married couple hope to conceive their own baby using sperm from one of them and a surrogate mother who will bear the child.

You’ll notice that language is being twisted to suit the needs of the sexual revolutionaries here. Two men cannot “conceive their own baby.” They can have physicians create a baby in the lab using sperm from one of them and rent a woman to gestate the child, however. The fact that it is a tragedy for children to be raised without mothers is ignored. This is not about the children. This is about gay couples having the right to children if they decide they want one. More:

The NHS will fund the process of a donor egg being fertilised and the resultant embryo implanted into the surrogate mother. The NHS has until recently refused to give gay male couples such treatment because of a blanket ban on using surrogate mothers.

Again, you’ll notice that ethics can be suspended if it serves the purposes of the sexual revolutionaries. If you don’t want your baby, they can suction it out of your womb and toss it in the garbage in no time. If you want a baby but nature is holding you back, they can create one for you. And if the baby you created isn’t up to your standard, you can always have it aborted. An increasing number of children beginning their lives in petri dishes are ending them as they disintegrate into the suction aspirator of the abortionist.

The Scottish Government changed that policy two years ago so any couple, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, is eligible for free fertility treatment. That decision marked the biggest shift since 2013, when NHS guidance across Scotland, England and Wales made IVF available to same-sex couples and single women with fertility problems.

But because of the ban on surrogates, in practice same-sex couples meant only women. They had to demonstrate their infertility by showing they had failed to get pregnant after several attempts with artificial insemination.

The Scottish couple – who The Mail on Sunday has decided not to identify – revealed they were set to undergo NHS treatment when they posted an appeal online for an egg donor. One of the men wrote: ‘Our NHS clinic don’t have any anonymous egg donors, they advised us we would need to find a known egg donor. Any suggestions how to go about it?’

A friend replied: ‘Wow, did not know Scotland were offering this on the NHS!’ The man replied: ‘Yes, it’s a new service they offer in Scotland… we only found out [about it] when the GP referred us.’

Gay rights group Stonewall said: ‘We welcome any move that ensures lesbian, gay, bi and trans people have fair and equal access to fertility treatment.’

A Scottish Government spokesman confirmed fertility treatment was offered to men in same-sex relationships who had fertility problems, including same-sex male couples using a surrogate. But he emphasised the NHS would not find the surrogate.

While a single IVF policy applies to the whole of Scotland, the situation is more complicated in England, where each of around 200 clinical commissioning groups sets eligibility rules. It is thought there have been no cases of IVF treatment for a gay male couple being funded by the NHS in England.

In Wales, fertility treatment for gay couples is in theory available on the NHS, although its policy states that ‘surrogacy IVF will only be provided where no other fertility treatment options are available’ and strictly for ‘medical reasons’.

Josephine Quintavalle, founder of pro-life group Comment On Reproductive Ethics, said: ‘It’s a total distortion of what constitutes a genuine fertility problem… It does seem extraordinary the extremes that people will go to distort nature, to create a child.’

Even basic common sense is frowned upon as bigoted these days. If you say that children are best off with a mother and a father—an extraordinarily obvious observation that simply reflects how nature functions—you are a homophobe. I’d respond by saying there is something grossly misogynist about turning women into incubators and renting out their wombs for the sake of gay men who want to purchase children to complete their motherless families, and something grotesque about the selfishness necessary to claim that you have the right to children no matter what the cost.


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