Justin Trudeau figures we should forget about Jody Wilson-Raybould’s testimony because he legalized weed and assisted suicide

By Jonathon Van Maren

It has been an extraordinary week for Justin Trudeau, as his “sunny ways” turn out to be distinctly shady and the new Liberal Party turns out to very much resemble the old Liberal Party, except that Trudeau has managed to get mired in a Quebec corruption scandal more promptly than most. What must particularly gall our feminist prime minister is that the identity politics cudgel he has been waving around so sanctimoniously has now been prised from his grasp by the media and his opponents, who are now incessantly whacking him over the head with it. Trudeau finds himself in the awkward position of being the guy who fired the first Indigenous Justice Minister because she refused to cave to political interference, and then mansplained her point of view on the matter while keeping her silent until she sat down in front of the Justice Committee and blew it all up.

The bewilderment of Justin Trudeau, Gerald Butts, and the rest of the crew that tried to push Jody Wilson-Raybould around is probably genuine. These Liberals are so thoroughly convinced of their own moral superiority and infinite supply of virtue that Butts could not even resign from his position without pointing out that he’d been trying to save the world for all of our children. It isn’t that they don’t ever cross the line now and again, the Liberals insist. It’s just that when they do it, everyone should understand that it is being done for the good of the rest of us. Nothing is more irritating for the Natural Ruling Class than having the plebs point out that they are breaking the law, when the law is obviously for the plebs and the Conservatives, who are mere mortals.

Justin Trudeau’s cringeworthy response to Jody Wilson-Raybould’s testimony highlighted perfectly his inability to grasp what is happening. “My friends, this has been a difficult few weeks,” he began with the persecuted air of someone who still expects people to sympathize with him for getting attacked for being a good person, “And it’s been difficult because we’ve had internal disagreements. Before I briefly talk about today’s committee testimony, I want to remind people about a few of the great things that we’ve accomplished together as a team on the justice file over the years.” Trudeau must have noticed that his difficult few weeks actually stem from the disagreements in the Liberal caucus being externalized in a rather sensational way, but not even the bombshells unleashed by JWR can budge Trudeau from his condescending arrogance.

And what, might you ask, were the first two things on Trudeau’s list that proved Canadians should be grateful for his leadership and ignore JWR’s testimony (which he then said he had not watched yet)? “We introduced medical assistance in dying,” he said gravely. “We legalized and strictly regulated cannabis in order to better protect our kids.” So you see, it is almost ungrateful to get bent out of shape about political interference in a prosecution when the progressive Trudeau has done so much for Canadians. Remember that time I made it easier for you to kill yourself? he reminded us. Or that time I helped you get weed legally? Well then—let’s put this nasty business all behind us!

It remains to be seen whether Trudeau, who has seen his brand destroyed in a few short weeks, can win a second term as prime minister. I suspect that things are about to get very, very ugly—Trudeau and his hatchet-men are going to try and pull up every bit of dirt on the Conservatives that they can and accuse them of being literal Nazis. They are going to tell the Canadian public that only they stand in defence of Canada against the barbarians at the gates, and thus we must vote them in again for our own good. In exchange, they’ll do us the favor of being our rulers. It’ll all be complete nonsense, of course. But after this trainwreck scandal, it is the only card they have left to play.


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3 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau figures we should forget about Jody Wilson-Raybould’s testimony because he legalized weed and assisted suicide

  1. Rita Brandmann says:

    I hope and pray that the Canadian people not believing his empty lies and promises, and don’t vote for Trudea J , if he is on the canidas list. I’m afraid it will end up in a war like time in Canada. And Trudea will laugh and will destroy the rest of Canada, and than run and hide, like Hitler did, to Syria or Cuba, or who know.

  2. Kathy says:

    The thing is many people don’t understand the importance of truth. Nor the meaning of it. When Ms Wilson-Raybould talked of sharing ‘her’ truth, that leaves the idea available that there can be other truths regarding the same issue. Are facts truth? Can perception (as per Justin Trudeau) change the facts? Our society is less and less acknowledging any truth but what is comfortable for them to believe. Having said that it would be no surprise if Trudeau spins a version as ‘his’ truth and confused Canadians vote for him again.

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