“Non-binary” man angry that blood bank wants him to mark a gender

By Jonathon Van Maren

Van Levy is a 31-year-old balding and bearded man from San Diego. At least, according to his picture and your eyes, he is. These days, you are supposed to disbelieve what you actually see and instead put on the ideological blinders helpfully provided by the LGBT elites, which will help you to see precisely what you are allowed to see.

According to Van Levy, he has no gender at all, instead identifying as the mythical category of “non-binary,” which roughly translates to “neither.” The state of California, like 8 other states, has decided to permit an “X” option on their government identification rather than the simple “M” or “F” for male or female. Van Levy has chosen to reject so-called traditional categories, and additionally does not use any pronouns at all.


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