The Van Maren Show Episode 13: How the elites brought America to same-sex marriage


2 thoughts on “The Van Maren Show Episode 13: How the elites brought America to same-sex marriage

  1. John Zylstra says:

    We should probably stop calling them “the elites”. They are just people. They may be educated, but there are many educated people. They may be rich, but there are many rich. They may be political, but that group is large. In reality, when people propose stupid policies and stupid ideologies, hiding the nefariousness and perversion under banners of equality and tolerance, then they should simply be called what they are: subversive, anti-normal, anti-decency, anti-free speech, anti-biology, etc. Language has been manipulated by them, and we should respond in kind, using language to reveal what they are really doing.

  2. Gloria Couyancy says:

    It’s just another way to influence the masses to go against the natural order of things. I am not opposed to gender preference. What is bothersome is that children are being targeted and groomed to be transgender. It’s disturbing to know that if we don’t given into the cohorstion of other people’s idealistic behaviors we will be punished and penalized. It’s my thoughts that children and adolescents are not mentally equipped to make such decisions. Gender curiosity is one thing, but to insist and enforce parents to embrace the ideologies of the transgender community is a tyrannical move from the government.

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